Yogita Raghuvanshi: She could have become a qualified lawyer but became India’s first woman truck driver

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Yogita Raghuvanshi became India’s first truck driver, know how she achieved her destination by facing challenges.

Women driving cars and flying airplanes look so cool, don’t they? But what will be your reaction when this woman is seen driving a truck? Surely a little bit bewildered that a lady truck driver. Yes, the woman we are talking about, the name of that woman is Yogita Raghuvanshi, who is India’s first female truck driver.

Although Yogita could have achieved status by becoming a qualified lawyer of our country, but she chose the path of a never-ending journey. The road where only men walk.. The road that is full of dangers and risks. So let’s know the untold stories of Yogita’s life.

Why became a qualified lawyer as a truck driver?

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Driving a truck is a job fraught with risks as the work environment is not very comfortable. There are very few female drivers in this job, and it is mainly dominated by men. But Bhopal’s truck driver Yogita Raghuvanshi is denying this. Who is known as the first woman truck driver of India.

Yogita’s life was like that of ordinary Indian women. Growing up in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, with four siblings, earned a degree in commerce and law. After which the family members started seeing the boy, and then married Yogita with a good lawyer. After this Yogita got the support of her husband and she continued her studies.

In the meantime, she became a mother, had two young children Yashika and Yashvin. Everything was going well in Yogita’s life. A loving husband, a good husband, together life was passing happily with two lovely children. Then an unwanted accident happened in life, which turned Yogita’s life completely upside down.

One accident changed my life!

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By the time Yogita’s studies were completed and she reached the door of the court, her husband had died suddenly. After the death of her husband, it was as if a mountain of sorrow broke on Yogita. Responsibility of two children, family expenses…but no other means of earning. Limited assets.. and full life! Many such questions arose in front of Yogita.

But Yogita did not lose courage, and taking advantage of her studies, took care of herself and got into the profession of lawyer. But it was not so easy to succeed quickly by landing in the court and in the court, Yogita hardly got a petition in a whole year. How would you live like this? If there is no case then no income, if no income then how would you take care of the children?

Need made a truck driver!

Yogita says, ‘Husband was a lawyer by profession, but on the side he used to do transport work. In such a situation, Yogita decided to leave the business and take over the business of transport, when Yogita got into the work of transport, then she had 3 trucks. They used to work sitting in the office, the drivers used to carry the goods. But then another accident happened.

Hired a driver and a helper to run the business. But within 6 months my driver ran away. Because he had rammed the truck into a field near Hyderabad. Yogita reached Hyderabad in a hurry, got the truck repaired and took it to Bhopal.

Yogita Raghuvanshi told that:-

‘I brought the need to this work. My daughter was 8 years old and son was 4 years old when my husband was killed in a road accident. I realized that I had to work to teach them. My husband was a lawyer who also ran the business of transport.”

This was the first experience when Yogita understood that she would have to handle the steering herself to survive in this business. After this Yogita decided to learn driving. And Yogita took training in truck driving, then got experience sitting with the drivers and after a few months she herself became a full time truck driver.

…and the journey of the truck driver has begun!

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Yogita did not give up on the difficulties in life, for the future of herself and her children, Yogita took the steering of the truck. But even here his troubles did not subside, listen to the taunts, became jealous, did the stuff of the evil eyes of the people, but Yogita’s patience did not break.

Yogita travels many nights and travels long distances. Not only this, he also clashed with male drivers many times in this work. Some even attacked on the way, but they stood firm. Yogita tells that: – When I am carrying some such items which will get spoiled soon, then I have to drive all night. If I feel sleepy, I park the truck near the fuel pump and take a short nap.

“I walk like a man wearing a turban with a collar up, since when I was attacked by 3 men on the side of the highway while I was cooking, I chased them away. By the time help came, I was injured, but I Taught them a lesson too.”

In interviews given to the media, Yogita tells that today 16 years have passed while driving a truck but the first 5 years were difficult. She says from her own experience that whenever a woman takes up a job where only men have jurisdiction, the challenges are doubled.

Driving a truck on the roads of Bakai India is not an easy task at all. Seeing a woman like Yogita Raghuvanshi walking out of the box by doing this is a source of inspiration for all of us.

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