Winter Tips: Get Wall Heater AC installed at home this winter, huge sale is happening on Amazon

winter heater

Trending New: Nowadays, the outbreak of winter has started in India, where common people are facing cold winds and cold. In such a situation, most people prefer to stay indoors, but use electric items like blowers and heaters in their rooms to get warmth.

But today we are going to tell you about such an electric gadget, which looks exactly like an AC, but it heats up the AC room within minutes. You can also fix this AC on the wall, due to which it remains away from the reach of children.

Weltherm Wall Sorher Heater installed in the house

new heater for winter

This wall mounted heater is quite amazing, which is known as Weltherm Wall Sorher Heater. The shape of this heater is like AC, due to which you can easily fit it on the wall of this house. This heater gets a double heating power setting, while it also includes a cool air fan mode to manage the heat.

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12 hour timer can also be set

Over heat protection is available in this wall heater, due to which it becomes very convenient to use. Not only this, a 12-hour timer can also be set in the wall heater, so that if you go out of the house, the room will be completely warm when you return.

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Gives good hot air with low power consumption

It is a power full wall heater, which gives good hot air with low power consumption. Although the original price of this wall heater is Rs.9,220, but you can buy this heater from Amazon at a discounted price of just Rs.6,980. A remote is also present with this wall heater, using which you can maintain the temperature of the heater.

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