Why is the building under construction covered with green cloth, know the reason behind it


Interesting Facts: There are multi-storey buildings in big cities, which take many years to build. In such a situation, while making these big buildings, a big green cloth is put on them, which covers the building well.

In such a situation, have you ever wondered why these half-finished buildings at the construction site are covered with green cloth and what is the reason behind it. If you do not know, then we are going to tell you the real meaning of covering buildings with green cloth.

Reason for covering the building with green curtain

During the construction of any house or high building, it is covered with green cloth or curtain, so that the attention of the workers working in that building is not distracted. Actually it is believed that when the eyes of the workers working on high buildings fall on the ground, they may get scared or they may get dizzy seeing the height.

In such a situation, the construction site is covered with green cloth to keep the workers’ attention on work and to keep them away from the fear of height, so that the eyes of the workers do not go out of the building and they can complete the construction of the building in time. Can you

On the other hand, while making high-rise buildings, covering them with green cloth also comes under the government guidelines, so that the dust, soil, cement and stones etc. due to the construction of the building do not fall on the people or vehicles passing by. Fall down

In such a situation, common people can become victims of accidents, so the building is covered with a cloth so that dust, soil and other things cannot go out because of the cloth and because of that the common people are not disturbed.

Why is the color of the cloth green

Now you must be thinking that why the building is covered only with green cloth, while we have many color options available. Actually, there is a scientific reason behind this, due to which the construction site is always covered with green color.

Actually other colors are clearly visible in daylight, but they are difficult to see in the dark of night. In such a situation, only green color is such, which can be easily seen even in the dark of night as compared to other colors.

accidents can be avoided

Green color is visible from a distance, on which everyone’s eyes can easily fall. At the same time, in the dark of night, the green color reflects easily when the lights of the vehicles are on, due to which the driver gets an idea that a big building is being constructed ahead.

In such a situation, many types of accidents can be avoided by bringing this green curtain in the building, while it is also very important for the safety of the workers working on the construction site. So if you ever think of building a house, do not forget to cover the construction site with green cloth.