Why do escalators have brushes on their sides? Shoes are not cleaned, this is the real reason


You must have often seen people cleaning shoes on the escalator brush. But these braces are not meant to clean the shoes but for your safety. Let us know how there are brushes on the escalator to save you.

You must have used escalators many times to go from floor to floor in metro stations or shopping malls. During this, you must have noticed the yellow line made on both sides of the escalators and the brush just above it, but have you ever wondered why these brushes are placed on the side of the escalators? Or why is that yellow line made there? If not, then today we are going to tell you about this.

Brushes are not meant to clean your shoes

escalators brush

You must have often heard people saying that these brushes are for cleaning your shoes, although it is not so. In the escalator, these brushes are applied just above the yellow line. Here these lines act as danger lines. These lines made on both sides mean that you have to keep your foot away from this mark while climbing the escalator.

How do brushes work?

brush working

According to a report in Reader’s Digest, these brushes on either side of the escalators act as a safety feature. Brushes are used to hide the gap between the side and the wall. Actually, while climbing or descending the escalators, many small things like sari, pens, safety pins, coins, shoelaces can easily reach inside these gaps and get stuck in the gears and can spoil the machine. This is not the case, so these brushes are applied on both sides. With this, even if something falls from your hand or pocket, it gets diverted from these brushes and comes back to the stairs.

If using escalators, stay away from the yellow mark

Apart from this, these brushes have also been installed there for the safety of the people. Brushes act as a warning. Understand in simple language, as soon as your foot crosses the yellow mark and reaches near it, the brush tells that the foot needs to be kept away.

There have been many such cases in the country when people have been injured due to clothes getting stuck in the escalators. So the next time whenever you use the escalator, do not forget to keep shoes and accessories away from the yellow mark.

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