Why are rubber ‘thorns’ made on car tires and what are they called?


We see many types of motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks on the roads, but sometimes we have noticed the tires of all these vehicles. When we go to buy new vehicles or go to get new tires for our car, we see that those tires have rubber thorns all over the place. But sometimes we have wondered why there are rubber thorns in it and what is its function and what is it called.

The rubber forks on the tires are no design

The rubber forks on the tyres are not a design. The company has a very special purpose behind putting these thorns. Which we will give you information about this through this article. We often ignore all these little things. Due to which we people have many things that we do not know. So today we will tell you about the rubber thorns in tires and what is the work of these rubber thorns which are used in tyres.

What is the rubber fork in a tire called?

The company has a very special role behind the installation of rubber forks in the tires of vehicles. The rubber thorns in tires are called vent spews. The company’s purpose of installing rubber forks in these tires is that when the vehicle moves on the road, there is a lot of pressure on the tire. To reduce this pressure on the tyres, forks are installed in them. By putting rubber forks in the tyres, the pressure on the wheel is greatly reduced.

When the company manufactures tyres, there is a fear of bubbles inside these tyres. If bubbles start forming inside the tire then it becomes very weak which cannot bear much of the weight of the vehicles. And when vehicles are driven on the roads with such weak tires, then there is a risk of accident. Therefore, when the company makes tires, it takes great care that while making tires, bubbles do not come out inside it and the tire should be of good and best quality.

Reasons for installing rubber thorns

The reason for putting forks on tires is very special. These thorns on the tires show that this tire is made of very good quality which can bear the load of the vehicles to a great extent. And when these rubber-cut tires are put in the car and driven on the roads, then the danger is very less. Along with this, its life is also very long. This is the reason for the rubber thorn in the tyre. If you go to buy your new car or go to buy new tires for your vehicles, then definitely see the thorns of the rub. If those tires do not have thorns by measuring them, then do not buy that tire at all.

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