What is graphic design and how to make a career in graphic designing.


Nowadays everyone is becoming digital, in such a way many career options are opening up for the people. In earlier times, people used to choose profession like Doctor, Engineer, Government job etc., but in today’s time people choose YouTube, Blogging, Coding, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing etc. as a career option.
These are such online platforms through which you can earn more and more money than a government job. Many people today are very famous on the basis of these and earn lakhs and crores of rupees a month. There are many articles in our blog on Blogging, YouTube, Coding that you can read and learn. We see images, logos, banners, symbols etc. around us. It all comes under graphic designing.

Graphic designing is a type of art in which messages are made attractive with the help of text and graphics. This message can be in any form of graphic, image, logo, newsletter, poster, etc., which is created by a graphic designer. It is used for Marketing, Sales, Business Promotion etc.

Graphic Designer:

The professional person who designs graphics with the help of computer is called “Graphic Designer”. He does the best Graphic Design from Image, Typography, Motion and Gif etc. in a professional manner. Graphic Designer makes any image in such a way that the right message in that image should be conveyed correctly among the people.

Work of Graphic Designer:

1. Graphic Designing for a Blog, Website, Youtube Channel, Facebook Banner.
2. Creates posters, advertisements and packing designs etc. for a company.
3. Using graphics in any form of marketing.
4. The main work of Graphic Designer is to prepare Art, Image and Poster.

Uses of Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is widely used today. Graphic Designing is used for the following types of work-
1. Graphic designing is useful in making logo banners of companies.
2. Graphic design is used to make the Visiting Card.
3. Graphic designing is used in newspapers, magazines, books etc.
4. Graphic designing is used in product packing.
If you want to do Graphic Designing in Part-Time, then you will find many Graphic Designing Tutorials in YouTube, from which you can learn Graphic Designing.

Graphic Designing Course:

There are many courses for graphic designing that you can do complete after 12th. Some of the graphic design courses are given below.
1. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
2. Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
3. B.Sc. Multimedia (B.Sc. Multimedia)
4. Diploma in Graphic
5. PG Diploma in Graphic

Essential Tools for Graphic Designing:

The main tools used in graphic designing are as given follows –
1. CorelDraw
4. Notebook
5. A Laptop and Desktop with a good Graphic Card.

Career in Graphic Design:

Some of the main industries are as follows, where work is not possible without a graphic designer-
1. Website Development Industry
2. Gaming Industry
3. Newspaper Industry
4. Packing Industry
5. Advertising Industry
6. Animation Industry

Graphic Designer Salary:

The salary of a graphic designer remains between 20 – 30 thousand. This salary is easily available to a graphic designer in any type of company. The salary of a well experienced graphic designer is also in lakhs.

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