Undiscovered India is imprisoned in these 12 pictures, the history of these rare sights is 50 years old

hindustan old image

Old And Rare Pics Of India: India has changed a lot during the last 50 years. This change is visible in every aspect. Whether it is people’s living, dressing or politics and social life. Everything has completely changed already.

Today’s India is in front of our eyes, but glimpses of earlier life are confined in pictures. This is the reason why today we have brought you some very rare pictures from the 1980s. In this, you will get to see a glimpse of a completely different India.

So let’s see again some old and rare pictures of India-

1. Mother Teresa in Calcutta (Kolkata) – 1980

mother tressa

2. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the traditional village dress – 1980

indera gandhi

3. A man squeezing cloth on the bank of river Ganges, behind Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is also visible – 1980s

4. Hindu widows waiting for alms on a street in Varanasi – 1980’s

5. Chowpatty Beach and Marine Drive, Malabar Hill (Mumbai) – 1980


6. Pilgrim- 1981


7. Sculptures- 1981

8. Immersion of Goddess Durga in the river – 1982

9. Calcutta (Kolkata) Street Scene – 1983

kolkata street

10. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Captain Kapil Dev with the 1983 Cricket World Trophy.

kapildev with indera gandi

11. People fishing in the pond – 1983


12. Funeral Ceremony of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi- 1984

Indeed, India has changed a lot in the last five decades.

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