Amazing success: Two brothers started special business, today became the owner of 8000 crores


Startup Story: A lot of money is needed to start a business. By the way, the idea of ​​starting a business and making its model sounds very good. But it is very difficult to get that business off the ground. In such a situation, if a startup proves itself, then it becomes very easy for investors to invest money in it.

A company worth over $1200 million

car dekho dot com

Keeping all these things in mind, Amit Jain along with his brother Anurag Jain started his startup named Car Today we talk about this company, then this company has become a company of more than 1200 million dollars. Both brothers had enough money to start this business. But he raised investment to brand and market his company.

About two brothers

startup story

Both brothers Amit Jain and Anurag Jain have graduated from IIT Delhi. After which both of them started working in different companies. Amit worked in Trilogy for 7 years and Anurag worked for about 5 years in Saabre Holidays. Due to the deteriorating health of the father, both the brothers left the job and came to their home in Jaipur.

Company started in the year 2008

Amit was discussing many business ideas with his brother Anurag. During the year 2008, Amit and Anurag went to see the Delhi Auto Car Expo-2008. From there the idea of ​​Car Dekho came in his mind. Both of them thought of working in this idea, they decided to make such a platform. Where it is easy to buy a car. This is how Car started in the year 2008.

Every month 3.5 crore consumers come to see the car.


You can compare 4 cars at once in this website of theirs as well as this website also provides detailed view of car pictures, videos of car and interior and exterior view of car from different angles at 360 degree and you get this All information provided only by car and vehicle experts. This company was started from Jaipur and today the office of this company is in very big cities of the country. Every month about 35 million consumers also visit this website to see the car.

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