Top 5 Books for English Grammar in india


Top 5 Books for English Grammar in india

Oxford Modern English Grammar Hardcover

  • Oxford Modern English Grammar is Oxford’s brand new and definitive guide to English grammar. This book has been written by a leading expert in the field, covers both British and American English, and makes use of authentic spoken and written examples. Arranged in four clear parts for ease of use, its comprehensive coverage ranges from the very basic to the most complex aspects of grammar, all of which are explained clearly yet authoritatively

AuthorBas Aarts
Publisher(22 June 2011)
Hardcover ‏

432 pages

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21.59 x 2.79 x 13.97 cm  628 g

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Wren & Martin High School English Grammar And Composition Book (Regular Edition)

  • Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most popular and widely used reference books on English Grammar.
  • It not only helps the students to use the language, but also gives detailed information about the language.


AuthorN.D.V Prasada Rao
File size15570 KB

S Chand (9 July 2018)

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An Introduction to English Sentence Structure English Grammar Book

  • It is a must- have book for students or beginners who are keen to master the English language. Students can use this book for preparing various exams as the grammar is taught in a great detail. The book is written in a very easy language. Our book aims at mastering English in a very simple way. It emphasizes on the core words that is required to form an English sentence. These core words form the essential part of any sentence in English and every English sentence must have these core words. The core words by themselves form the smallest unit of an English sentence.

AuthorAshok Muthuhia
Publisher ‏Devanshi publication pvt. ltd; First Edition (1 January 2019)
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250 g

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  • An invaluable guide for higher level non native learners of English as well as an ideal refresher for students of Upper Intermediate to Advanced levels of English.
    Compiled for those of you who would like to increase your vocabulary and freshen up on the main grammar points – which is always a good idea at all levels of English.
    Grammar rules are clearly explained after the grammar revision at the final section of the book. Time lines have also been included to clarify meanings.

AuthorJacqueline Melvin
Print length

195 pages

Word Wise  ‏‏


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NAdvanced English Grammar with Answers Paperback – 15 November 1999

  • Advanced English Grammar is a single volume book that combines source grammar and practice exercises while explaining the rules of grammar and tackling seemingly contradictory rules. Since the book is for students of an advanced level, concise explanations are provided. It focuses on topics like grammar contrasts (whether to use ‘would’ or ‘used to’ in past tense construct) and grammar patterns (for example ‘will be going’), among others.
  • The book also explores more than hundred units of grammar concepts and each unit is allocated two pages. While the left hand page is filled with grammar concepts with concise examples, the facing page comprises of practice exercises

PublisherCambridge University Press; 2016th edition (15 November 1999)
Paperback ‏350 pages
Package Dimensions

20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm 500 g

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