Expert Tips: Tips to make dried basil plant green


Grow Tulsi Plant at Home – In the ancient texts of Hinduism, the Tulsi plant is considered sacred and revered. For this reason all the people of Hindu religion definitely plant Tulsi plant at their home. This plant is important to us both religiously and scientifically. In Ayurveda science too, Tulsi plant has been described as having medicinal properties.

Therefore, this plant is a symbol of religion and faith for some, for some it is a medicine with health properties, which destroys many diseases. For this reason, usually every person plants this beneficial plant of Tulsi in his house. But people often have this problem in this regard that this plant dries up very soon.

Why does Tulsi plant dry?

tulsi plant

By the way, there can be many reasons for the drying of the Tulsi plant. On this issue, senior scientist and head doctor of Banda’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Anand Singh said that the dried basil plant can be made green again. Dr Anand Singh says that many people think that Tulsi plant dries up due to heatstroke in summer season, some people also believe that Tulsi plant gets dried up due to cold in winter season. The plant perishes. But when they see that their Tulsi plant is not able to survive even in the rainy season and gets spoiled, then all the assumptions thought by them prove to be wrong.

Because this plant does not require a lot of water. Not only this, Tulsi plant also does not require much care. The reason for this is that it is actually a tropical plant, so this plant needs less water, less sunlight and less air, in which it can grow well. But still, if this plant starts drying up, then with some easy methods you can make it green again. So let’s know some easy tips to give new life to the dried basil plant…

Neem leaves powder will show amazing

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Dr. Anand Singh, while telling a surefire way to make a completely dried Tulsi plant green again, said that you should dry neem leaves every month and put only 2 teaspoons of its powder in the Tulsi plant. Will happen. Then see that new leaves will start growing in this plant and the plant will be saved from drying out. Just keep in mind that you have to mix the powder of neem leaves in the soil of the basil plant properly. This remedy is very beneficial for the Tulsi plant.

Oxygen is also necessary

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In the rainy season, when water gets accumulated in the Tulsi plant, its leaves start falling, because the Tulsi plant getting more moisture than necessary is also harmful for it. When this happens, the root of the plant cannot take faith and in a short time this plant becomes dry. Explaining the solution of this situation, Dr. Anand Singh has suggested a simple solution.

He told that to deal with this problem, at a distance of 15 cm from the Tulsi plant, dig its soil at a depth of 20 cm, now you will feel that there is moisture in its soil. When the roots are visible, fill it with dry soil and sand. By doing this remedy, the roots of the plant will get air again and they will be able to breathe.

This remedy is effective for fungal infection

fungal infection

It may also happen that due to excessive moisture, there has been a fungal infection in the basil plant, if this is the case then it is also necessary to cure it. For this problem, Dr. Anand Singh told that you will easily get neem cake powder in the market. This powder is also known as Neem Seed Powder. If you mix 15 grams of neem seed powder in the soil of the plant, then the problem of fungal infection will end.

If you have this powder even if it is not available, then there is no need to take tension, all you have to do is boil neem leaves in water at your home and fill it in a bottle after its water cools down. Then once in every 15 days, dig the soil of the plant and put two spoons of this water of neem in it. Your problem will also go away.

Keep away from smoke and oil

Dr Anand Singh said that ‘We know that Tulsi plant is related to people’s faith and religion and people worship it. You must also worship it, but keep in mind that do not pluck basil leaves every day. Apart from this, if you put lamps and incense sticks near the plant, then keep them at a distance from the plant, because the smoke and oil also harm the basil plant and it can get spoiled.

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert. Thank you)