This year, in the month of Sawan, plant this plant at your home, happiness will come out in life.

bel tree

Dharmik: The month of Sawan is considered to be the holiest month. Because this month is spent in the worship of Shiva. Shivaji has many names like Bholebaba, Shankarji, Kelashpati etc. In the same way it is very easy to please the innocent. Bhang, Datura, Bel leaves, Akshat, Bhasma are their favorite things. Shiva’s anger has the power to destroy the whole earth.

Every year people celebrate the month of Sawan with great pomp. Worships Shiva, Abhishek prepares a dish of his choice and offers his bhog. Like every year, the month of Sawan is about to come this year and people are preparing in full swing.

Every person in the world believes in God in some form or the other. Just as there are religious texts of religions in the world, similarly Bhagavad Gita is a religious text in Hindus. The month of Shiva has been explained very well in Shiv Purana. It is very naive to say that they are innocent, but their anger can destroy the earth.

Another form of Shiva is that of Mahakal. Which is famous as Mahakal of Ujjain. Abhishek is considered complete by offering 108 Vine Leaves in Shiva Abhishek. Everyone knows that Shiva worship is incomplete without Bel leaves. In today’s post, we will know about the glory of Shiva ji and his Belpatra.

Sawan month and Belpatra

In the holy month of Sawan, the use of Bel leaves is very high. Belpatra is used a lot in the worship of Bholenath. The description of the miraculous effects of Belpatra is also written in the scriptures. It is considered very auspicious for religion, astrology and Vastu. By planting a plant of Bel Patra Plant in the house, your life will be filled with happiness as well as the grace of Mother Lakshmi will start showing on you.

This year the month of Sawan is going to start from 14th July 2022. This month is for worshiping Lord Shiva. It is a very religious month. In this month, bel, datura, panchamrit, bhang, fruits etc. are offered to Lord Shiva at his feet.

Bel plant is useful in the prevention of Vastu defects

According to Hinduism, Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance. It determines the good and bad times of your life. Bel tree is considered very auspicious for Vastu Shastra. Every type of Vaastu Dosha gets eliminated in the house where Bael plant is planted.

In the Shiva Purana, there is a description of the glory of the bel tree, in which it has been told that the place where the bel plant is planted becomes as holy as the Kashi shrine of Banasar. Also, the bel plant brings happiness and prosperity in the house.

Belpatra a miracle plant

Bel leaf plant would have been planted in many houses. People believe that in the house where the vine tree is planted, Lord Shiva himself sits in that house and keeps his blessings on the people of that house. There is never a knock of trouble in that house and always the house continues to flourish with happiness.

Mother Lakshmi resides in the vine plant. If this tree is planted in someone’s house, then that house is always blessed with wealth. As soon as the bael tree is planted, the circumstances of that house start changing. They start making progress every day. Stores of money in the form of food start filling up in the house. You can get more benefit by keeping bael leaves in the place where you store money.

Protects the house from ill-wishers

The person who plants the bael tree. The sins of that person’s life are eliminated and after death one attains salvation and as long as there is life, happiness and peace remain.

Although the deities reside in every tree, but 36 categories of deities reside in the vine tree. This tree produces positive energy. Due to which the people of the family remain bright and energetic. There is no effect of sorcery and closed eyes due to the presence of vine plants in the house.

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