This is the most intelligent cow in the world, sleeps in the bedroom and does dung in the toilet


Pet cow news in hindi: In India, cow is given the status of mother, which is also worshiped and when the time comes, politics also heats up on the same cow. But in spite of this, a large number of cows are seen roaming on the streets like stray animals in our country, which along with eating rotten food from the dustbin keeps dung here and there.

In such a situation, cowsheds have also been specially built for the cows roaming on the road, while some people get dairy products through cow rearing. But today we are going to tell you about a woman who has nurtured a cow like her own child.

American Woman’s Cow Love (Woman lives with a cow in her bedroom)

If you think that people who believe in Gau Mata live only in India, then this is your misconception. Because the woman we are going to tell you about today belongs to America. This woman has kept a cow heifer at her house as a pet, which she treats like her child.

A 22-year-old woman named Faith O’Shields Allen, who lives in Arkansas, USA, has kept a 16-month-old heifer at her house, which she has named Ferdinand. This woman keeps sharing videos and pictures with her heifer on social media, which are becoming very viral these days.

Drinks milk from a bottle, does dung in the toilet

Faith loves her heifer very much, while she has taught Ferdinand good habits since childhood. In such a situation, the heifer of Faith dung at a fixed time throughout the day, for which she uses the toilet. Like other cows, this heifer does not spread dirt by dung here and there, due to which its dung is also trending on social media.

Faith and Ferdinand the heifer have a mother-child-like relationship, due to which she also bottle-feeds her heifer. Faith runs a hobby farm for an income, in which she teaches people the right way to care and raise cows, heifers and calves.

Campaign to domesticate cows and calves

Apart from this, Faith trains cows, heifers and calves present in hobby form to complete daily tasks, which include things like dung and drinking bottle milk on schedule. By doing this, cows and calves do not dung here and there throughout the day, due to which the dirt does not spread and it becomes easy to keep the cow as a pet in the house.

Faith believes that when animals like dogs and cats can be kept as pets at home, why not keep a cute animal like a cow at home. Working on this campaign, Faith started rearing cows and their calves and started training them as pets.

Faith has built a separate toilet and bedroom for her pet heifer Ferdinand, which she uses according to her time table. Apart from this, Faith Ferdinand also keeps the heifer dressed and shares it on social media by making videos with him, due to which this 16-month-old heifer has started trending on Instagram.