This small solar power generator can supply power to everything from TV to laptop

mini solar power generator

If you are looking for a generator at an affordable price, then today we have brought you a powerful solar powered generator.

If you are planning to buy a generator to supply power to your home devices, then Amazon has a great option for you. Today we are going to tell you about a solar powered generator that you can buy at a very affordable price. This price is so low that a mid-range smartphone will come in it.

SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150

mini generator

The name of the generator we are talking about is SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150. This generator is shaped like a set top box. It can supply power to your laptop, TV and all other small and big devices. It is very light yet powerful and you can easily fit it in your home almirah or carry it in your bag.

what is the specialty

mini generator features

If we talk about its features, then its capacity is 42000mAh 155Wh. It is capable of comfortably supplying power to similar electronic devices for a longer period of time. You can recharge iPhone 8 about 8 times when it is fully charged. It can be used at home, in emergency power backup, on phones, tablets, laptops, holiday lights, radios, mini fans, TVs and many more devices.

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It weighs only 1.89 kg and is extremely compact. Let us tell you that due to its weight and design, it can prove to be a great product for the users. The package comes with 1 power adapter and 1 car charger so you can charge it by wall outlet or car adapter or you can recharge it under the sun with solar panel (14V-22V/3A Max). Talk about its price, then it is Rs 19,000.

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