This place is the first choice of tourists, a Switzerland is also present in Rajasthan and these famous films were shot

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Rajasthan is the largest state of India and the culture and civilization here is different in the whole country. From the food to the clothes here, it is very special. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. There are many palaces here. Every thing in Rajasthan is very special in itself.

There are very big sand dunes here. It is sunny during the day and cool winds blow during the night. In such a situation, if we say that there is also an area like Switzerland in Rajasthan, then you will feel how this can happen. But let us tell you that Rajasthan also has its own Switzerland, where many Bollywood films have been shot in the valleys.

Let us tell you that there is a song from the movie Baaghi-3, in which the scenes of snowy plains have been shot, that too in Rajasthan. Along with this, the song “U Karke” from Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha’s movie Dabangg 3 has also been shot. A song from Kapil Sharma’s movie “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” and many more album songs have been shot in Kishangarh, Rajasthan.

Kishangarh Dumping Yard is in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. One of the best and popular places in Kishangarh for movie shooting, prewedding shoots and for excursions. It is also called Moonland of Rajasthan, Kashmir of Rajasthan and Switzerland of Rajasthan, so let us talk about Kishangarh.

Structure and history of Kishangarh

kishangarh history
Kishangarh History

Kishangarh city of Ajmer district of Rajasthan state is situated on the Aravalli ranges. It is situated on National Highway No.8 at a distance of 27 KM from Ajmer District Headquarter and 100 KM from Jaipur. It is connected to all parts of the country by road, rail and air.

Kishangarh also has airport facility, from where regular flights fly to cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Indore and Udaipur. The Aravalli hills are famous throughout the country for a stone called nephlene cyanite.

The Rathore dynasty in Kishangarh was founded in 1609 by Kishan Singh, son of Motaraja Udai Singh, the ruler of Jodhpur. The Mughal ruler Jahangir had given the title of Maharaja to Rathoro. Kishangarh city was established in 1612 AD in the name of Kishan Singh. On 25 March 1948, Kishangarh was again merged with Rajasthan. Kishangarh Fort, Phool Mahal Palace, Gundlav Lake, Khoda Ganesh Ji Temple, Navagraha Temple and Dumping Yard are quite famous places in Kishangarh city.

Kishangarh shooting location

You will not believe whoever saw the first glimpse of Kishangarh Dump Yard, then this place was more beautiful than everyone’s expectation. Seeing the view there, it seemed as if we have come to Kashmir. The snow-like sheet spread far and wide in every way and along with it lakes of clear water.

Due to the very clear and white surface of the water here, the water appears blue like the color of the sky, which looks very beautiful to see. It is so attractive to see that it attracts everyone towards itself.

On the banks of the waterfall, you can see tourists capturing their beautiful memories in their cameras. For a while you will forget that this is a marble dumping yard, because you will be amazed to see the blue colored lake in the middle of the white field and you will be amazed to see the beauty of nature.

Painting art of Kishangarh

bani thani painting

Rajasthan is also known for its paintings. That is why Kishangarh is also famous for its wonderful paintings. This painting named Bani-Thani is the most popular. This particular painting is called the Monalisa of Rajasthan. Bani-Thani, a poet of Kishangarh, had a poetess in the court of Raja Sawant Singh, who was very beautiful. It is also considered to be the best painting because the Government of India had issued a postage stamp on Bani-Thani.

It is also an industrial city

Kishangarh yard is made of marble rock stone. Kishangarh is now famous as a marble market all over India. People from all over the country and abroad come to Rajasthan to buy marble and granite stones. Thousands of marble warehouses, gangsa, cutters are located here and laborers from many nearby villages come here in search of employment.

Marble business provides direct and indirect employment to lakhs of people around. The city of Makrana famous for marble is about 60 km from Kishangarh. Marble from Makrana city also comes to Kishangarh city for sale and the headquarter of Wonder Marble and Wonder Cement is in Kishangarh under the name RK Group.

The city of Kishangarh is also famous for its ancient Chari dance. The women here are very good at Chari dance. The city of Kishangarh is famous all over the country for its food, its butter big and salty are eaten with great taste across the country. All the people here give a symbol of their unity with love and unitedly.

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