This girl arrived in ‘Patna’ car from London, the video went viral on social media

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Often some video goes viral on social media and many people also share it. Similarly, nowadays a video is becoming very viral on social media, in which a girl travels from London to Patna by car. He uploaded this video on his YouTube channel which has been viewed by millions. So let us tell you how she reached from London to Patna by car?

Journey from London to Patna:

london to patna

In this video youtube girl starts her journey from london to patna with family in her car. Where did she stop in her journey and share the experience she had during her journey. Your entire journey is covered in this video.

Now you must be thinking that how can anyone come from London to Patna by car, so let us inform you that the Patna which is being talked about in this video is not the Patna of Bihar. This Patna is a village located in Scotland, about 600 km from London, UK. It is also known as Patna, and the funny thing is that it is named after the city of Patna in Bihar.

In this video posted by YouTuber on his channel named ‘Ashar and Abiha’, he shows how he covered such a long journey in a car and where did he stop during this journey.

Journey started from London’s Milton Keynes

The London-based YouTuber started his journey from Milton Keynes in London and left for Patna in East Ayrshire. During this journey, he rested at several places and then stopped at Moniaive village in Scotland during the night. After spending the night, they left for Patna from Moniaive in the morning. During this, he completed a 7-hour journey from London to Patna and reached his destination. Many amazing views are seen in this video.

How Patna settled in Scotland:

In this video the girl is talking about the city of Patna. That city was named about 220 years ago by a very rich man named William Fullarton.

Actually William’s father was a British Army officer. During the British era, the posting of William’s father was in Patna, Bihar. During that time he was born in Patna and spent his childhood here, later when William returned to London, he missed Patna a lot there. Because of which he established a village on the banks of river Doon and named it Patna.

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