This daughter created a bigger business than sunlight by investing 1 lakh, today made a turnover of 800 crores

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Business Idea: The youth studies till a certain age and prepares for their career, after that they find the best job. Every person only studies from the age of 3 to the age of 23 and thinks about what he has to do in his future, but there are some children in the world who make their career before their age. They are done and they have accumulated their business quite well.

Such persons work not only for themselves but also for the country and other youth of the country along with them. An example of this is Nidhi Gupta, who has emerged as an inspiration for every youth by becoming a millionaire today on the strength of her hard work.

The success of Nidhi is commendable, he, along with his brother, without any special degree and at a cost of only one lakh rupees, set up a company which is currently doing a turnover of 800 crores. Let us know about this success of Nidhi in detail.

Rajasthan’s daughter doing business with the rays of the sun

nidhi solar panel onwer

Born in a middle-class family in the state of Rajasthan, Nidhi is today known for her works in the country. Nidhi’s father is posted as an ordinary employee in the Rajasthan Forest Department. His monthly salary is not special, yet he never let his children know about this.

Nidhi spent her early life with her parents in a small village in Dungarpur, Rajasthan. In the year 2011, Nidhi thought of starting a project of her own with her brother. But starting your business with insufficient resources was no less than a challenge. But she is a confident entrepreneur, so she started her business with a low cost of around Rs 1,37,000.

He started the first project in Bikaner, Rajasthan by installing a 250 kW solar power panel on 4 bighas of land. To increase its business, Nidhi made small to medium-sized traders a part of its project.

Nidhi highlights the features of its business

solar business idea

Nidhi says that if she has 10 persons ready to invest for her project, then she buys land on behalf of those 10 persons and divides them equally among those 10 people.

The best feature of investing in a solar project is that if a person invests his money in a project of one MW from Rs 6 crore, then he gets his investment back within 4 years. Along with this, electricity continues to be produced for the next 25 years, from which they keep getting that income.

You must be thinking that when there is so much profit in this project, then everyone can invest in it, then the fund says on it that this work is not so easy, in this taking permission from the government and preparing the documents is the most difficult part of this project. part happens. This work requires a lot of government access.

The story of the struggle of Nidhi and her brother Rahul

It is only the hard work of Nidhi and her brother that she was able to establish her big business today. When he started this business with his elder brother, his beginning was quite a struggle. Referring to this, Nidhi says that how they travel here and there and are engaged in their work day and night.

In the office, Nidhi calls her brother Rahul sir in front of her employees. This brother-sister duo worked hard and established the company and in the first one year of its inception, they had a turnover of 2 crores.

After this he got promotion, then in the year 2013 his turnover reached beyond 70 crores. Nidhi and her brother built a solar park in Kolayat on 130 acres of land with a total power generation capacity of 50 MW. More than 23 investors from Rajasthan and Gujarat contributed towards the construction of the park.

Our ability is what drives us success

solar successful story

Coping with the business challenges, currently Nidhi’s company has now managed to do a business of 800 crores in a year. So far, she has successfully built projects of about 500 MW. The success of these brothers and sisters is sometimes inspirational for all the youth of the country, if seen, opportunities are present around us, it is just for us to understand them.

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