This bus teaches computer to children from village to village for free, so far 1,300 children have taken training

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Education career: In today’s modern era, computers and laptops have become very important gadgets, with the help of which the business of big companies is going on. In such a situation, it has become necessary for the students of school to college to learn computer so that they can create new records of success.

In such a situation, computer coaching classes exist in different states of the country, where students learn to operate computers by paying fees. But have you heard about such a bus, which is famous for going from village to village to run the computer to the students. If not… then today we are going to tell you about such a wonderful bus.

Unique computer learning bus

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While students in cities have enough resources to learn computers, in villages and towns even today students do not get this facility. In such a situation, the Gramotthan Resource Center is working to teach computers in the bus to the children living in far flung areas.

A mini computer system has been installed in every seat of this bus, with the help of which children can sit inside the bus and take free computer operating training. The Gramothan Resource Center is run by a person named Sudhir Singh, who is trying to bring children living in villages and towns to the forefront of technology.

Children would gather near the bus after hearing the sound of the horn.

In such a situation, a mini bus has been converted into a moving computer center for this work, which reaches village to village by blowing horn. After this the bus stops at a designated place and the children gather near the bus after hearing the sound of the horn, after which they sit in the bus and take training in operating the computer.

Two children take training from a computer system, while this mini computer bus visits at least three villages in a day. In this way the route of the bus remains fixed, which is providing free opportunity to the children living there to learn computer courses by traveling from village to village.

So far 1,300 children have learned computer

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In this mobile computer bus, students are given computer classes of 3 months, after which they are also given a certificate by the Village Resource Center on completion of the course. So far 1,300 children from about 50 villages have learned to operate computers through this computer bus, with the largest number of students from class 8th to 10th.

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