These tasty and healthy smoothies can be consumed even in the winter season


If you want to drink smoothies even in the winter season, then you can try a new smoothie every day.

Sometimes in the morning one does not have enough time to spend time preparing breakfast. In such a situation, there is a desire to make something that saves our time and also gets ready in less time. Due to which there is a desire to drink smoothies. It is very filling. But people often avoid drinking smoothies during the winter season.

Maybe you also think that drinking smoothies is not a good idea in the winter season. But there are many smoothie recipes that can be made in winters as well. So, today in this article, we are telling you about some such smoothies, which can be drunk even in the cold-

Black Forest Smoothie

We often like to drink hot chocolate during winters, but now if you want to give it a delicious twist, then you can make Black Forest Smoothie and drink it. To make this, you can make a delicious and healthy smoothie by blending dark chocolate, oats, bananas, chia seeds and almond milk. Chia seeds are packed with many other nutritional properties including antioxidants.You put dark chocolate and almond milk in the microwave and let the chocolate mix with the milk. Now put banana, chia seeds and almond milk in a blender. Pour the ground oats into your cup and stir it into the almond and chocolate mixture. Your smoothie is ready.

Make smoothie with strawberry and beetroot

In winter, a very delicious smoothie can be prepared with the help of beetroot and strawberries. To prepare the smoothie, first sprinkle some water on the beetroot and bake it for some time. Now blend the chopped beetroot with some yogurt along with the strawberries. You can also mix some bananas and honey in the smoothie according to your taste.

Make Orange and Cranberry Smoothie

We all like to eat oranges in the winter season. In such a situation, mix banana, orange juice, curd and cranberry to make smoothie in winter. Orange is rich in Vitamin C which helps in keeping cold and cough at bay. At the same time, cranberry is a storehouse of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Put all the ingredients in the mixer and mix for 1-2 minutes.
Can make a great smoothie.

Make smoothie with orange and ginger

In winter, if you want to make such a smoothie, which will keep your weight under control, then prepare a smoothie with the help of orange and ginger. You can make a great smoothie by blending orange, carrot, ginger, turmeric and a pinch of black pepper.

Hot Green Smoothie

Mixing kale, apple and dates in a cup of warm green tea can also make a healthy and tasty smoothie on a cold winter morning. To make this smoothie, first of all, place your kale, apple and dates in your smoothie maker and add some water or green tea. Blend it well. Now pour the smoothie into the cup and mix the remaining green tea as well.

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