These simple tips will keep your car safe from dust, mud, sun and rain

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How To Protect Your Car Paint From Sunlight: Every day many people buy a new car in India, while some people might be preparing to buy a brand new car. In such a situation, when the car is new, then it takes a lot of care. But as soon as the car becomes a few months old, we do not take care of it and park it anywhere.

In such a situation, this negligence of yours works to damage various parts of the car including its paint, due to which the new car starts looking old in a few months while its features also do not work properly. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some easy tips to maintain the original paint of the car.

Do not park the car in the sun


Indian citizens do not have space for car parking in their homes, due to which they have to park the car on the side of the road. In such a situation, there is continuous strong sunlight on the car, especially in the summer season, the sun is very harsh.

In such a situation, strong sunlight works to damage the original paint of the car, to avoid which you should always park the car in the shade. But if you can’t find a shady spot, you can park the car in the sun and put a cover over it. By doing this, the color of the car will also not fly and it can also be saved from dust and soil.

Get wax coating done on the car

If you want to retain the original paint and shine of your car, then for this you should get a wax coating on the car. By getting a wax coating on the car, its paint does not fly easily even in strong sunlight, while its shine increases manifold. Although getting a wax coating can prove to be a bit costly, it will keep your car’s color shiny for a long time.

Take care of car polishing

car polish

A new car often looks clean and shiny, but after a few months the color of the car starts to fade. In such a situation, to maintain the shine of the car, you can also get polishing done in it, which increases the life and shine of the paint of the car, while polishing does not cost much.

Get the car washed from time to time

car washing

Many times a car parked in the parking lot gets accumulated in a lot of dust, due to which its original shine and paint starts getting affected. In such a situation, you should keep in mind that wash the car from time to time, so that its paint and shine does not get affected.

If you want, you can wash the car yourself at home, but if you do not have knowledge of washing, then in that case you should send the car to the washing center. Because many times the paint of the car gets spoiled due to wrong washing, due to which your expenses will double.

In this way, by taking care of these small things, you can retain the paint and shine of your car for a long time, due to which even the old car starts looking brand new.

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