These 17 pictures are an open call to the accident, the degree of the designer who made them will be definitely fake


When an architect makes something, he takes care of a lot of things, like what should be the height of the building or structure he is making, which shape should be made where, after what he is making, people have to use it. I won’t be in trouble

But what if an architect turns out to be lazy in his work. It is difficult to guess what will happen, but we are there to ease this difficulty. Today we have brought 17 such pictures for you, where Architect spread Raita and spread such Raita that if a little attention is not paid, then an accident may happen.

  1. This ladder must have caused many accidents

2. what a ridiculous joke this is

3. You will get great comfort by sitting here

4. How much do you hate children?

5. Current Free with Hand Wash

6. Who has done this hoax?

7. This swing can be enjoyed only once in life

8. Stairs were made for the disabled but the builder made a mistake

9. Have you seen the gates of heaven? no, have a look

10. And then the government says follow the rules

11. What was the intoxicant used by the engineers who made it?

12. Seeing this, my feet started hurting.

13. I wish I had as much trust in the tires as I have.

14. How can you make such a big mistake man?

15. look down, look down

16. It can’t even be guessed how many people would have fallen because of this.

17. Wow, if there is a balcony like this