There are also some places in India, where living and food are absolutely free, and roaming here is absolutely free.


Tourist Places: Traveling around and eating good food is pleasing to everyone’s mind. It is said that good food and a beautiful place change the mood of a person, that place gives positive energy to people, due to which people feel refreshed.

There is such a beautiful place in the world, where people like to go, no matter any weather is difficult for those who travel. Everyone’s choice of roaming is different, like some people like to go to the seashore, some people like to go to the mountains.

There has also been a lot of craze for trekking in the people, the cold snowy places are also liked by the people, it is a matter of the places, now we know about the food and drink, every place in the world is famous for its food and drink, The taste of each region is quite different. People want good food, all kinds of clothes and roam around in good places. So let’s know which is the special place in India.

Full fun on low budget

best places

If you are also fond of traveling and want to travel abroad then this post is for you. The most important problem of travel enthusiasts is the budget. Because they work for a month, then save money from their expenses and go out for roaming and more money is spent on their rent and food for traveling.

Today we will talk about such places from some special places, where you are going to have a lot of fun in less expense. We can say that your money is going to be completely saved, because living and eating there will be absolutely free. So you can imagine how little budget you are going to get the benefit of travel.

Beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh

So we will talk about the first place out of those 4 places in India, that is Himachal Pradesh, which is covered with a sheet of white snow and is very beautiful to see. The natural beauty of this place can make anyone swoon. A person visiting that place can collect many memories from there.

If you are going by your own vehicle or by bus or train then you can stay at Manikaran Gurdwara Sahib there. Here you do not have to pay any money to stay and eat. If you have your car with you, you also get free service for car parking. The second place is Kerala. Idli and Rasam are quite famous there.

Kerala’s Anand Ashram is very famous

If you want to visit Kerala, then you can enjoy three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Anand Ashram there. You also get the facility of staying in that ashram. It has been learned from the information that there is food made with less spices, which is tremendous in taste as well as health.

Rishikesh is also very special

If your mind is to spend on the Ganges Ghat and want to roam there in peace and temples and ashrams, then Rishikesh will be a better option for you on less budget. Whichever means do you go from here.

After that you can stop at Gita Bhawan, Rishikesh in Rishikesh. Many rooms have been built in the Satsang Bhawan here. Where travelers coming from far away can stay, the natural beauty of this place will fascinate you. There is also a yoga session, which is built on the banks of the river Ganges.

Must visit coimbatore once

If you want to visit Coimbatore, then Foundation is the best option for you. It is located about 40 kms from Coimbatore. Your food and stay at Isha Foundation Coimbatore is absolutely free.

This is a foundation, which is run by donations given by people and you can donate as much as you want. Which will help other people. Apart from this, there are many places in Coimbatore where you can stay and eat for free.

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