The village returned from Singapore, leaving the job of lakhs, started business; Today is the owner of a company worth crores


Startup Story: Today there are many people around us who want a good paying job. Working abroad is the dream of many people. But these youths do not see much opportunities in our country. There are many such valuable resources in our country from which we can earn good money. Seeing this, a young man working abroad came back to his country and founded a startup which is earning crores of rupees from him today.

He has laid the foundation of his business by making real use of the resources available in the country. He left everything and returned to India, wanted to do something for the country and for himself which this young man did which no one had thought of. Today his brand “Tea-Box” is running abroad, doing an annual business of more than 16 crores.

Kaushal had business ideas in his mind since childhood


Business ideas were floating in Kaushal’s mind since childhood, where he used to exchange candy and chocolates with his friends in exchange for comics. Kaushal was born in Siliguri in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam. He was smart in studies since childhood. That’s why family members encouraged him and he got a degree in Business Management from Singapore Management University. Also joined a company as a financial advisor where his package was in lakhs.

But he did not like this luxurious job abroad. He returned to India with a desire to do something for himself. After coming to India, he started looking after his elder brother’s tea garden in his village. The elder brother used to do tea export business.

In 2012 he launched his premium tea brand

tea brand business

Kaushal noticed that the system which is still being followed is very old. This is where he got the idea and then in 2012 he started his premium tea brand. He founded “TEA-BOX”. They used to take very fresh tea directly from the producer to the consumer.

The success of his idea came true when his brand started doing well overseas as well. After this success, he joined the new technology and started promoting it through online medium. This took his business to 80 countries, where people were given direct access to fresh tea in a very short time.

For that he started buying goods directly from tea gardens, all these estates were in different cities of Assam state so he did not face any problem and his elder brother also had business of export. So he also helped in this work and started buying goods directly from the tea garden owners. The finished goods, once cleaned, are then sealed in a vacuum pack within 48 hours to maintain their freshness and can be dispatched to the person placing the order.

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world

tea business

Within a short time, he successfully attracted the Accel Group, the largest conglomerate in Silicon Valley, and raised $1 million (Rs 7.5 crore). After this his idea got a lot of support and even big businessmen expressed their willingness to invest in his business.

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world. But before Kaushal, no one had come up with the startup idea of ​​making tea a world class brand and earning money.

Today Kaushal is just a 32-year-old young man, who chose to leave a job worth crores abroad to work on his idea for himself. The result of which he also found very pleasant. His “T-Box” startup has a turnover of more than 160 million annually with clients from around 80 countries.

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