The farmer made fun of the farmer who went to buy Mahindra showroom SUV car, then brought 10 lakh cash in minutes.


In fact, in a car showroom of Mahindra, which is known for its cars brand value, it has proved costly to make fun of its salesman, a farmer who came to buy an SUV car. In which the farmer did something that everyone is surprised to see or hear.

Recently, a farmer named Kempegowda RL, along with some of his friends, goes to Mahindra showroom in Tumkur, Karnataka state to buy a Mahindra showroom Bolero pickup. And being a farmer, he did not pay attention to his clothes and went to the showroom in a simple dress, where the employees of the showroom see him. And after hearing about his buying an SUV car, they start making fun of him.

And one of those salesman farmer Kempegowda jokingly tells RL that- 10 lakhs in your pocket to buy Bolero pickup, or not even 10 rupees.

Hearing this, the farmer feels humiliated himself. And within just 30 minutes, he puts the cash of Rs 10 lakh in front of the salesman and starts talking about delivering the vehicle immediately. On which the matter starts to get worse. Then the matter is pacified by the police force or others and the salesmen have to apologize to the farmer Kempegowda RL on this.

Seeing this statement, Anand Mahindra called – all communities and all stakeholders to rise up and become capable.