The farmer earned a lot from the cultivation of red ladyfinger, 800 rupees a kg is sold, know what is its specialty

red ladyfinger

The farmers of India have also become aware now. They are not only taking interest in new crops and techniques but are also cultivating new species of crops to earn more by doing farming. In this regard, Mishrilal Rajput, a farmer from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is in discussion these days for cultivating a special variety of red ladyfinger, although ladyfinger is green in color. But the color of this type of ladyfinger is red. Many people and farmers from remote areas come to his farm and get information related to red okra cultivation.

Let us tell you that this ladyfinger is not attracting people only because of its red color, but most importantly its high price, which is making the farmers interested to grow this ladyfinger. You will probably be surprised to know that this red ladyfinger is being sold in the market for Rs 300 to 400 per 500 grams i.e. around Rs 600-800 per kg. This price is many times more than ordinary lady’s finger.

Started by taking training from Banaras

mishri lal

Farmer Mishri Lal, a resident of Khajuri kalan, told that when he had gone to the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Center in Kelabela near Varanasi, it was only then that he got the idea of ​​growing red okra. Then in the meantime, he learned how to grow red ladyfinger from the agricultural experts there and also learned about the financial and health benefits of it. Then Mishri Lal bought 1 kg of red ladyfinger seeds and came to his village and started cultivating this ladyfinger in the village. Now he has become an example for the farmers.

Red Okra is sold at many times higher prices than the normal lady’s finger

Farmer Mishri Lal told that the price of this variety of lady’s finger in the market is 5 to 7 times more than the normal lady’s finger. In malls, this ladyfinger is also sold for Rs 300-400 per 500 grams. Despite the high price, people are buying it because they say that its test is very good and it is also healthy.

Farming was started in the garden, bought seeds for ₹ 2400

Mishrilal ji further states that after coming back from Banaras, he thought of growing ladyfinger in his garden itself. Therefore, he cultivated the red ladyfinger seeds from Banaras which he had bought for ₹ 2400. When the crop started to ripen, many farmers used to come to see his garden and thus the red ladyfinger grown by him started being discussed in the whole area. Now many other farmers are thinking of cultivating this type of lady’s finger.

Know the specialty of Red Okra…

red okra

If you also want, you can start cultivating this particular variety of lady’s finger. Earlier it was cultivated in European countries and it was imported in our country’s market. Red ladyfinger is full of health benefits. Antioxidants, iron and calcium are found in abundance in it, which is very beneficial for health and especially for the heart. It is a boon for patients of cholesterol and diabetes. This lady finger is also very useful for the mental development and skin of children. Along with this, its test is also somewhat different from the normal green ladyfinger. People are also liking its taste and due to its healthy properties, people are very fond of eating it.

Not only this, it also takes relatively less time to cook red ladyfinger. You must have come to know about its healthy properties, apart from this, investment in red okra cultivation also has to be reduced as compared to normal okra, hence the benefit is also more in it. Also, mosquitoes, caterpillars and any other types of insects do not catch in this type of lady finger soon. Its crop also matures sooner than green ladyfinger and it gives a yield of about 40 to 50 quintals in 1 acre of land.

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