The country’s first vertical lift bridge is getting ready in this city, know what is its specialty

new pawhan bridge

Trending New: In order to connect one city with another in the country, rail lines, bridges, roads, all these are being constructed with a lot of noise. A similar bridge is being constructed from Rameshwar to the mainland of Tamil Nadu.

The name of this bridge is Pamban Sea Bridge. Whose work is almost going to be completed. If we talk about this bridge, then this bridge is 2.5 kilometers long. The new bridge that is being constructed now is at a height of 3 meters from the old bridge.

But this Pamban bridge which is being built from Rameshwar in the middle of mainland. 84 percent of the construction work of its Vertical Lift Sea Bridge has been completed. There is news that this bridge will be inaugurated by March 2023 this year itself.

The Pamban Bridge from Rameshwar to Mainland is about to be completed soon by the Railway Department.

pawhan new bridge

Pamban Bridge will be the first such bridge (India’s first vertical lift sea bridge) that will connect Rameshwar to the mainland. And this bridge is being developed by our Indian Railways. Indian Railways is getting its construction done. The Ministry of Railways itself has given a statement in this regard.

The Ministry of Railways has said in its official statement that the Pamban Bridge is a 2.05 long bridge connecting Rameswar Island to the Tamil Nadu mainland. Whose 84 percent work has been completed so far. In no time, this bridge will be fully built and ready, along with which it will also be inaugurated in March 2023.

Rs 535 crore is being spent on the construction of the bridge.

The Ministry of Railways has also said a few things on the bridge that is being constructed. The Ministry of Railways has said that the work of constructing this sea bridge is being done by the Rail Vikas Nigam. The cost of building this bridge will be around Rs 535 crore.

This bridge will be so strong that even very high speed trains will be able to pass through it easily. After all this, when this bridge will be built, its most important thing will be that it will increase the traffic between Rameshwaram and mainland. This will increase the number of people going.

This bridge was built in 1914 and is 105 years old.

old panwhan bridge

According to the news given by the Ministry of Railways, 333 pillars of this bridge have been completed. And the above 101 pillars are also ready. The same 99 works of fabrication have also been completed. The work of laying vertical lift span girder and track is also nearing completion.

If we talk about the history of this bridge, then this bridge is 105 years old. This bridge was built in 1914 across the Gulf of Mannar to connect Mudapam and Rameshwar. In the year 1988, the road bridge was also built on it. Before the construction of this new bridge, access on this route was done only through the old Pamban bridge.

Trains with a speed of 80 km can easily pass through this bridge.

new bridge by train

The Pamban Bridge which is being constructed now is a sample of hi-tech engineering. It has 18.0 meters and 100 spans. This pool is a full 3 meters high. This bridge is being constructed in such a way that large ships can easily pass under it. There is also a system of vertical lift in it.

A part of this bridge will rise like a lift and give way for various ships to come and go. This bridge is so strong that trains with a speed of 80 kilometers can easily run in it. In the coming time, this bridge will also be included in the list of most used bridges by the people.

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