Tata is opening a new steel plant worth 2600 crores in this state, youth will get bumper jobs

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Trending New: Ratan Tata’s group Tata Group is discussed in every corner of the country. Always something new is done by this group. Because of which this group remains in the news. Something similar is being done again by the new Tata Group.

It is reported that the famous business group named Tata Steel (Tata steal). He is going to open a new steel plant in the state Punjab and for this the Tata Group has also signed an agreement with the state Punjab government. Let us tell you that this plant has the capacity to produce steel of full 0.75 million tonnes every year.

New steel plant to be set up in punjab

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State Punjab Chief Minister Bhagmant Maan has said that after the plant is opened, all the youth of Punjab will be given jobs in this plant on a large scale. The Tata Group is a big name in the steel products sector.

We are seeing that Tata Steel continues to grow its business across the country. Recently, it was reported that Tata Steel has taken over the steel company named Nilanchal Ispat Nigam Limited due to its debt.

The new plant will produce 0.7 million tonnes of steel every year

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According to Tata Steel in this new steel plant, production will be started soon. The Chief Minister of the state Punjab is Bhagwant Mann. Giving information, he said that the letter has also been handed over to Tata Group on Friday, 26 August for allotment of land required to build a new steel plant based on a total scrap of Rs 2,600 crore in the city of Ludhiana.

Let us tell you that this steel plant will be built on Hi-tech Valley Industrial Area and every year up to 0.7 million tonnes of steel will be produced from this plant. In such a situation, along with the production of steel, the development of the state and the country will also take place. This will also give employment to the people.

With the establishment of the plant, the youth will get employment

Giving information, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann said that in order to increase industrial development in the state of Punjab, the country’s famous company Tata has been allotted land for the purpose of setting up a steel plant in the state.

This has been done so that with this all the youth of Punjab state will get employment. TV Narendran, MD (Managing Director) of Group Tata Steel, said that the new plant to be set up will be based on 100% scrap steel production.

Tata Steel 10th largest steel company in the world

Tata Steel is the most famous group in India. Whose owner is Ratan Tata. Let us tell you that the business of Tata Steel is spread in 5 continents out of 7 continents all over the world. Talking about the countries, Tata Steel’s business is spread in 26 countries including India.

Tata Steel ranks 10th among the largest steel producing companies in the world. Let us tell you that the largest plant of Tata Steel in India is located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

This steel plant produces 10 million tonnes of steel every year. If we talk about the year-round crude steel production, then Tata Steel overall produces 34 million tonnes of raw material annually.

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