Suryakumar wanted to hit 6 sixes like Yuvraj in the match against Hong Kong, told his heart to Virat

surya kumar with virat

Sports: Was Suryakumar Yadav going to hit 6 sixes in the last over against Hong Kong? When Virat Kohli asked this question to Surya, he said that I had tried my best, but it could not happen.

Suryakumar Yadav’s fiery innings against Hong Kong won everyone’s heart. He has been on social media since the match. Fans, veteran commentators, everyone was seen praising him. He came out to bat in the last overs and played big shorts one after the other. Surya walks to the ground in 17.2 overs. In this innings, Surya played 26 balls and scored 68 runs. During which his strike rate was 261.54.

Surya Kumar wanted to match Yuvraj Singh

surya with yuvraj

Surya hit six fours and six sixes in his innings. He hit four sixes in the last over of the innings. After hitting three consecutive sixes on the first three balls, the fourth ball was a dot. On the fifth ball, he again hit a six and then two runs came in the last over. After the match, Surya spoke to Kohli about his innings. Kohli asked, ‘You were trying that if the ball had hit the target, then you would have become the second Indian to hit six sixes.’ Suryakumar replied, ‘I was trying but it did not happen. Yuvraj does not go ahead of Pa.’ After this, the former Indian captain recalled that innings of Yuvraj and said, ‘What Yuvraj did was brilliant. It was great to hit six sixes especially in Broad’s over.

Kohli came with the goal of hitting the boundary

Kohli further asked Surya if he had made any special preparations for this innings. Surya replied, ‘I enjoyed batting with Kohli. I wanted to go on the field and play my game. I wanted to hit some boundaries on the opening balls and after that the game went on. I also told you that I need you to stay there. You can cover that later because I’ve seen. It is important for me that you are there so that I can play freely.

Kohli also spoke his heart

kohli suryakumar

After this Surya asked Kohli about his innings. Kohli said, ‘I was coming back after a long time. It’s not easy being away from international cricket for six weeks because you don’t stay in touch. I was mentally refreshed and enjoyed batting even in the last tough match. My role is to handle the innings, partner with whomever I am playing with and also hit boundaries when I get a chance.

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