Example of success: Started business at a young age, today is the owner of 1200 crores

devita sarafa

Startup Story: Today we are talking about Vu TV. Which has changed the very definition of the word TV. The credit for this goes to Devita Saraf, CEO and Founder and Head of Design, VU TV. Be it any good technology, we have often seen that it is made abroad and then comes to India. But this time the process has changed. Her company is doing wonders in the country as well as abroad.

She got business skills from his grandfather

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Devita lives in Mumbai. His father is the chairman of Zenith Computers. The business acumen they have. She believes that she has come to him from his grandfather. After completing her schooling from Mumbai, she had to go abroad after further studies, from where she came to India after completing her BBA degree and joined his father’s company.

Vu Technologies introduced a range of luxury televisions

Technology was developing rapidly during the year 2006 and foreign companies were trying to bridge the gap between mobile and computer. Devita had also thought of doing something new. Then she chose TV. She introduced VU Technologies, a range of luxury televisions. This TV is a digital photo frame as well as a touch screen. Apps like Hotstar and YouTube can also be run on this TV. Her company also manufactures a high definition TV which runs on Android.

Received Business Woman of the Year Award in the year 2016

The company has launched many new age TVs like Office Smart, PopSmart. In the year 2016, Devita has also received the Business Woman of the Year Award for her best work.

Company’s valuation crosses 1200 crores

devitas company value 1200 cr.

Devita Saraf’s record of success while learning the nuances of business at such a young age is truly inspiring. Vu is currently one of the fastest growing brands in the country. The company has an annual turnover of Rs 110 crores with 1.5 million customers worldwide. The valuation of the company is more than 1200 crores.

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