Business Idea: Start this business with a job, earn big money every month by giving just 15 minutes, know how?


Business Idea- If you also want to earn big money every month sitting at home, then today we are giving you a business idea in which you can earn well. The most important thing is that you can do this business with a job.

If you want to do something to earn extra money, then your mobile phone can be helpful. This is a business in which there is no age restriction. Just need to run it properly. If you can make better use of your mobile phone, then you can start this new business whenever you want. Even if you are already doing a job or any other work, then you can increase your earnings by starting this work. Let us know what this work is.

Know how to earn from mobile phone

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If you have a smart mobile phone, you can start this work any day. This is the business of selling you by taking photos from your mobile phone. Many people are fond of photography. People keep taking photos with their mobile phones all the time. In such a situation, if you make this hobby of yours as a business, then you can start earning extra money. Let us know where this photo can be sold.

Many sites buy this photo

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If you are fond of taking photos, then there are many websites to buy them. Here you can sell your photos. If you live in an area of ​​the country where the demand for photos is high, then it is even better for you. You can enter your photo by creating your account in the website that buys the photo.

There are many categories on these websites. You can upload your photos according to these categories. After that if someone uses them, you will get paid for it. If this photo is used repeatedly, you will get paid every time. At the end of the news, you will also be told the names of such websites related to top 10 photos. If you want to sell your videos too, then you can also get information about it at the end of the news.

Photos can be sold on these top 10 websites

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Well, there are hundreds of sites where photos can be sold. But we are giving you information about selected 10 sites here. You can also get an idea of ​​what kind of photos are in demand by visiting the sites once made.

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Alamy
  4. Etsy
  5. Fotomoto
  6. Crestock
  7. 500px
  8. Snapped4u
  9. PhotoShelter
  10. TourPhotos)

Now know how to sell videos

video business

Earn easily by selling your videos

Even if you know how to create video content, you can still earn well. For this, first you have to create an account on YouTube. Creating this account is very easy. Here you can post your video. If people liked the video, then a lot of people saw it, then in return you will get money. That is why only such videos should be posted, which more and more people like. In this way also money can be earned sitting at home.

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