Leave the job and start this business by investing ₹ 2 lakhs, there will be a profit of 4 lakhs directly

onion business

Today we are telling you about such a business from which you can start with less money and earn big profits every month.

Don’t you want to work? Or tired of working? If so, know for sure that many people think like you. But there are very few people who can leave their job and start their own business. Because starting a new business requires taking a risk. There is no guarantee that you will be able to make profits.

Even if profit is made, after how much time and for how much? All these things are a hindrance for those who dream of starting a business. But we will give you information about such a business here, in which you will get strong profits. This business is of onion cultivation. If you have a little knowledge of farming then you can earn lakhs of rupees from onion.

More onion consumption


If you cultivate onions, then your expectation of profit will be high because the consumption of onion is very high in India. You will find onions in most of the food items in almost every part of India. Rather, it is also eaten a lot as a salad. Another thing is that it is also liked by all classes of people. Onion price in India generally remains in the range of Rs 20-30. But on supply, its rates cross even the figure of 100 rupees.

How to start farming

Agriculture experts tell that if you want to maximize your production by cultivating onions, then take the help of modern technology. For this, you will have to resort to new technology from the time of planting. Apart from Hisar-2, you can grow varieties like Pusa Red, Hisar Onion three or four and Madhavi. These are considered to be very luxurious varieties of onions. October-November is considered good for sowing onions.

Plowing is necessary

Keep in mind that before you can grow onions in the field, you have to plow it. The soil of the field will become friable only by plowing. Only friable soil is good for onions. Farmers can comfortably plant about 10 kg of seeds in one hectare. You can also get government help in onion cultivation. As Madhya Pradesh gives up to 40 percent subsidy to farmers on onion cultivation in Kharif season. This increases the profit of the farmers.

How much money to spend

money package

Before starting onion business, you must have storage space. The things you will have to spend money on in onion farming include nursery raising, transplanting, irrigation, medicines and fertilizers and transportation etc. On all this, you will have to spend up to Rs 2 lakh per hectare.

How much will you earn

About 300 quintals of onion can be grown in one hectare. Now if you sell it even at the price of Rs 20 a kg, then your income will be Rs 6 lakh. Out of this Rs 2 lakh spent on agriculture is taken out, then the remaining Rs 4 lakh. This Rs 4 lakh will be your profit.

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