Sonu Sood Birthday: Sonu Sood celebrated his birthday outside the house among the crowd of fans


Entertainment: Sonu Sood has made his mark in the Hindi film world on his own. Today, on the occasion of his 49th birthday, he looked very excited.

Sonu Sood Birthday: Today, on his birthday, Sonu Sood was very excited to return to Mumbai after finishing the shooting of one of his films in Dubai. There was a slight delay in the landing of his flight, Sonu Sood’s restlessness increased as he was well aware that thousands of people were waiting to meet him in a big wait outside his house at Oshiwara in Andheri, Mumbai. would be doing.

In Oshiwara’s ‘Casablanca’ building, where Sonu Sood lives, today there was a large number of people coming not only to Sonu’s fans, but also to bring their problems and their financial problems. A long queue of people was also standing outside Sonu’s building, hoping for help. While accepting all kinds of gifts from the fans, Sonu Sood also met the needy people one by one and assured everyone to help them.

Sonu Sood met people on the occasion of his birthday

On the occasion of his birthday, Sonu Sood met people for more than one and a half hours today. Among those who met him was an elderly man who was completely blind, but he had reached there to give a birthday gift to Sonu Sood with a rose flower in his hand. Sonu accepted the gift from that blind man with great love. A woman above the age of 80 also waited for hours outside Sonu Sood’s house to meet him. Finally, when Sonu met him, the face of that elderly woman blossomed and he also gave his blessings by touching Sonu’s head and also advised to continue the social work.

Sonu Sood, known as the ‘messiah of the poor’ by helping migrant laborers and other needy during the Corona period, got a variety of things as a birthday gift. Some had brought a bouquet of flowers, some had a cake. A large number of people had come to give their own engraved pictures in different size frames to them. Some had a solo picture of him, while some people had decorated the picture of Sonu as well as his wife Sonali and both children in the frame. In another family photo, portraits of Sonu and his late parents were also engraved. In one frame, various stages of Sonu’s life from his childhood were presented through photographs.

Sonu Sood lovingly receiving gifts from everyone

Sonu Sood lovingly took gifts from everyone, posed for photos and selfies with people and assured help to all the people who gathered restlessly outside his house for his help. Meanwhile, on the occasion of his birthday, Sonu cut not one, but several cakes together and accepted many cakes as gifts.

During this meeting, many slogans like ‘Sonu Bhaiya, Sonu Bhaiya’, ‘Sonu Sood, Zindabad-Zindabad’, ‘Next leader Kaisa ho, Sonu Sood jaisa ho’ are raised. Meanwhile, Sonu Sood stood in the midst of his loved ones and the needy and had a special conversation with ABP News and expressed his happiness among his fans about celebrating his 49th birthday.

As a child I used to celebrate my birthday with my family

Sonu Sood said in a conversation with ABP News, “After finishing the shooting in Dubai today I wanted to return to my house as soon as possible because I knew that people would be eagerly waiting to meet me here. Sonu said the way Since people came here and showered their love on me, that is my biggest earning.”

Talking to ABP News, Sonu said, “As a child, I used to celebrate my birthday with my family, but now people from all over the country, every state are my family. Celebrating my birthday in the midst of all this fills me with a different feeling. gives.”

Sonu says that if his parents were alive today and saw that their son was getting so much love from the people, he would have been very happy to see all this. Sonu said, “In my childhood, my parents used to take me to the orphanage on the occasion of my birthday. Perhaps due to the learning I got to help people in my childhood, I have reached here and am able to do something for the common people. “

Sonu Sood once again denied in a conversation with ABP News that he wants to enter politics. In response to a question, he said, “I can help people without coming to politics and I am doing the same.”

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