Small Business Ideas- If you know how to run a laptop then why sell tea, earn 1 lakh a month

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Education Career: Although the people of India are very creative, but there is an online business that most of the college students of India can do. But they are not doing It’s because they don’t know. That some people in the world are earning a lot of money from the work they do every day.

It can also be called freelance job or work-from-home job.

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The unique business ideas we are discussing today is very easy for Indian students. According to a reports by IBISWorlds, in the year 2022, till now a business of one lakh crore rupees has been done worldwide. If you want, you can also call It’s freelance job or work-from-home. It does not require any shops, office or private rooms in your home. All you need is a laptop and computer table.

Business that any student of India can do

freelance business

As we told, that any student of India can do it. Because he is doing this work even today, he just does not know that many clients around the world are working for fees for college preparation. Colleges students in India do college preparation works for free, while a good amounts of money can be earned for this by registering on a website with freelance job work.

If you know how to operate a computer, then why sell tea

freelance job

Register your profiles on Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and all such websites. No investment is required. Declare that you do college preparation. Display your minimum fees of $5 for this. You will start getting fast work. Then as your rank start building, you can increase your fee accordingly.

Read how easy It’s to earn ₹100000

Initially set a target of $40 per day. After 2-3 months of studies, research and practice, you will earn around ₹100000 in a 1 month. Some software also comes for college preparation. The best softwares is available for Rs. 8000. Some creativity has to be done from our sides, only then peoples will likes the work and our Indians can do anything in terms of creativity.

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