Silver Kada: Silver Kada is considered infallible for progress and wealth.


Wearing a silver bangle is very beneficial for progress and wealth, know its benefits.

 In astrology, the importance of wearing bracelet in hand has been explained. Especially wearing a silver bangle removes many types of defects in the horoscope. A person starts climbing the ladder of success only after wearing it.

Silver Kada Tips:

You must have often seen people wearing bracelets in their hands. At the same time, some people also wear a silver bangle. Many people wear kada only for fashion then some people wear it after consulting astrologer. Silver metal bracelet has been kept highest in astrology. Silver gives relief from many problems going on in life. Many defects of the horoscope are also removed by silver kada. In such a situation, if you are constantly facing failure and the work being done is getting worse, then wearing a bracelet can be very beneficial. Silver bracelet should be worn only with the advice of an expert, otherwise there can be loss instead of profit.

Moon and Venus:

By wearing a silver bangle, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi remains and she does not have to face financial problems. If Moon and Venus are in a weak position in the horoscope, then a silver bangle should be worn help you. Due to this both the planets remain very strong.

Soft metal:

By wearing a silver bangle, all the defects related to the moon in the horoscope are eliminated. By wearing it, the restlessness in the mind of a person ends and the mind remains concentrated. Silver metal is considered to be a cooling metal. Wearing this type of kada keeps the mind calm and does not get angry.

Negative Energy (Negative Power):

According to astrology, wearing a silver bracelet gets rid of negative energy and positive energy continues to circulate. It is very important to take care of its method while wearing silver metal bangle.

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