Satish Chikara of Haryana did amazing, made automatic brick making machine

automatic brick machine

A major success has been achieved under the self-reliant India campaign. Under this, Haryana-based SNPC has made a fully indigenous Automatic Brick Making Machine. The specialty of this indigenous automatic brick making machine is that it can make 12 thousand bricks in an hour.

If you want to build a house or a house, you will need a lot of bricks. Bricks in large quantities will also cost a lot. We have come up with a news that will cost less for bricks. Under the country’s self-reliant India campaign, Haryana-based SNPC has made a machine, which is a fully indigenous automatic brick making machine.

This in itself is very special. This machine can make 12 thousand bricks in just one hour. If such a large quantity of bricks will be made in less time, then the cost will also come down and the cost will be saved. In this case bricks will be cheaper.

India’s youth and technocrats have a lot of talent and ability. Many people make such innovations, which make their mark on the world stage. There are many such people. Those who make the difficult work of many people easy with their invention. Here we are going to tell you about one such person, who has made the work of many people very easy with his invention.

Invention of automatic brick making machine

bricks machine

The name of these innovators living in Haryana is Satish Chikara. Satish has invented automatic brick making machine. Due to which many bricks can be prepared in a very short time. This also reduces the labor force of the workers. For the construction of large buildings, the need for bricks in large quantities can be met. Today this machine is getting recognition globally.

Still the laborers work hard to make bricks. Brick making business is also going on very fast in India. According to the report of History TV 18, 25 thousand crore bricks are needed to build big buildings. But at present the supply of bricks is only 8250 crore bricks.

Satish Chikara, a man from Haryana, has found a way to make bricks in large numbers. Satish hails from Bawana in Haryana. Satish has invented the Automatic Brick-Making Machine. No one has allowed such a machine before.

Earlier machines faced many difficulties in laying bricks. But this difficulty was solved in the machine made by Satish. This machine has been made by Satish and his brother after many years of hard work. With the help of this machine, timely supply of bricks can also be done. This machine is being praised in India and outside the country as well and demand has started coming.

Got idea from here

new technology

In 2007, Satish started work in partnership in a brick kiln. They faced the problem of not getting laborers at the time of work. Due to which he had to suffer many times in this work. In such a situation, Satish felt that machines should be invented for this. There is no great machine or technology of any kind in this field. Then Satish started exploring the technology himself.

In this, Satish’s brother supported him. Together, both the brothers started making an automatic machine to make bricks. Both of them had no experience in making machines and neither had any congratulations for it. Nevertheless, after about 7 years of hard work, Satish succeeded in making this machine.

How bricks are made from it

First of all, fly ash, rice husk and soil are mixed in this machine. After this this raw material is put on the machine. Then with the help of conveyor belt, this raw material comes to that part of the machine, where the raw material is given the shape of bricks. Then as the machine spins, the bricks also get ready.

It is estimated that a laborer can prepare only 80 bricks in 1 hour. But with the help of this machine 12 thousand bricks can be prepared in 1 hour. These bricks also do not cause any harm to the environment. Satish claims that by preparing bricks with this machine, the cost of bricks will also be reduced manifold. Due to which bricks can be bought cheaply and bricks will also be supplied on time.

Its demand in foreign also

You should know that today work is going on with this machine in many places in the country. Many people are very fond of this machine made by Satish. Satish has sold this machine to Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Nepal and Bangladesh as well as many countries. Satish has sold about 250 machines in and outside the country. Satish has also received appreciation from the Government of India. The Government of India had also honored Satish with the National Startup Award 2020.

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