Rising price of LPG cooking gas, you can save money by taking easy measures


The rising prices of food items, vegetables and LPG due to inflation have left everyone upset. Inflation is sitting on people’s plate. However, we can reduce the effect of inflation by adopting some new methods.

The queen of the kitchen is the LPG cylinder. If this does not stay in the house for a moment, then there is a ruckus. The price of LPG gas cylinder is increasing day by day. This affects the kitchen. In such a situation, how to save gas so that people spend less on their pockets. For this, some minor things have to be taken care of. It has to be brought as a regular routine. By doing this everyone will benefit and money will be saved.

Do not cook food in cast iron skillet

People like to cook in a cast iron pan, but they should know that such utensils heat up late and the gas consumption is also high on it. In such a situation, we can consume gas by avoiding iron utensils.

use pressure cooker

Instead of cooking the vegetable in a pan or pan, make it in a pressure cooker. Cooking vegetables in a pan takes more time and a lot of gas is spent in it. Your vegetable will be prepared quickly in pressure cooker, which will save both your time and gas.

soak lentils and rice

Before making dal and rice, wash them thoroughly and soak them in water. Cook it only after that. By doing this, lentils and rice will be ready in less time and less gas.

Excess gas consumption due to the burner running yellow

There are some things on which due to attention, you will have to bear less expenditure on the pocket. It is often seen that the flame of the burner of the gas stove starts burning yellow and we do not pay attention to it. But this is a problem with the burner, which is releasing more gas, and it is burning less. In such a situation, by cleaning the gas stove from time to time, it can be avoided from excessive consumption.

Do not put vegetables on the gas after taking out the vegetables from the freezer

People take out any vegetable or milk from the fridge and put it directly on the gas. By doing this many times the milk gets spoiled due to change in temperature. Therefore, try to take out any item from the fridge and keep it at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. After that keep it on the gas.. By doing this the consumption of gas will be less.

take care of these things too

  • While cooking vegetables, add less water to it, adding more water increases the consumption of gas. Add water according to the vegetable.
  • Intensifying the flame of a gas does not make things fast, rather it burns. In such a situation, there is also a loss of gas and nothing can be made in a hurry.
  • While boiling milk on the gas, keep in mind that it does not fall on the gas burner after boiling. This leads to a loss of gas, the burner jams.
  • Keep only wide-bottomed utensils in the house, because of this the pot gets heated quickly and food is also prepared on time.
  • Keep it covered while cooking, this will reduce the consumption of gas and the food will also be cooked at the right time.
  • Get your preparations done before you start cooking. Do not dry the wet vessel by keeping it on the gas, but dry it beforehand and light the gas only after cutting vegetables and kneading the dough.

turn off the regulator

Always switch off the regulator after cooking. By doing this the gas will not leak from the cylinder. This will save gas.