Ranikhet,a hill station of charming Hills


Ranikhet is a major hill tourist destination in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a military cantonment located under Almora district. Surrounded by deodar and oak trees, this tourist place is very beautiful. From here you will get to see the snow-capped Central Himalayan ranges clearly. Shape in Ranikhet gives you a natural peace that fills the heart with peace.

The headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment was established at Ranikhet by the British Government in 1869 and the Kumaon Regimental Center Museum is also maintained here. Weapons, photographs etc. have been displayed in this museum in a splendid manner which gives an introduction to the historical grandeur and importance of its army. In this video we will give you information about 10 major tourist places of Ranikhet.

Let us know about the major places to visit in Ranikhet –

1. Golf Course Ranikhet

Golf course is also called by the name of ‘Upat Kalika’. This golf ground, decorated with big trees, is just 5 kilometers away from Ranikhet Nagar. And it is a major center of attraction for ground fighters. Which every person going to Ranikhet wants to see. Golf course is considered to be the second largest golf ground in Asia after Gulmarg.

2. Sunset Points Ranikhet

Sunset Point is a popular tourist attraction located in Ranikhet. From here you can witness the breathtaking views of the sunset and the snow capped mountain ranges of the gorgeous Himalayas.

3. Kumaon Regiment Museum Ranikhet-

This museum has exhibits about the exploits of the First World War, there are also many weapons and medals and awards of soldiers, which you will be attracted to see and children will get a chance to know about the army of their country.

4. Jhula Devi Temple Ranikhet-

This holy temple of Ranikhet is dedicated to Goddess Durga because in this temple Goddess Durga is seen sitting on the cradle, hence it is called Jhula Devi Temple. It is believed that this temple is 700 years old, it is famous for bells.

5. Bear Dam Ranikhet-

Bear Dam is also an artificially created lake in Ranikhet which is situated just below Chaubatia Bagh.
The foundation of this dam was laid in 1903 under British rule.