This electric bike reached Ladakh from Kanyakumari by walking 4011 km without charging, know the features and price


Gravton Quanta Electric Bike Record: It is a big challenge for any electronic bike to travel a long distance without charge. But Quanta Electric Bike of Gravton Motors has set a new record to meet this challenge.

Let us tell you that Gravton Motors, an electric vehicle startup based in Hyderabad, has informed that their company’s Quanta Electric Motorcycle has set a new record by traveling 4011 km without charging. Has established. Let us inform that the distance from Kanyakumari to Khardung La in Ladakh has been covered by this electric bike.

K2K’s journey covered in 6 days

The company has named this entire round as K2K. It is being claimed by the company that it took 164 hours 30 minutes to complete this K2K journey. That is, this entire journey has been completed by electronic bike Quanta in a period of 6.5 days. This electric bike has set this record, this record has also been recorded in the Asia Book of Records.

This K2K ride of this electronic bike started from Kanyakumari on 13 September 2021 and on 20 September 2021 this electronic bike had reached Khardung La in Ladakh. The most surprising thing is that during this entire journey, this electronic bike did not stop anywhere for charging. It has been told by the company that swappable battery technology has been used in this bike, so this bike could cover such a long journey without charging stop.

Know the price of this electronic bike

Let us tell you that the price of this Gravaton Quanta electronic bike is 99 thousand rupees in the Indian market. It has been launched in the Indian markets at the same price. In this, the customer also gets three color options Red, Black, and White.

Talking about the engine of this electronic bike, a motor of 3 kW has been used in this electronic bike. Along with this, this bike is also capable of producing a maximum torque generated of 172 Nm.

This is the range of electronic bikes

Talking about the range of Quanta Electric Bike, this bike covers a range of 320 km with dual battery power. In this you also get three riding modes City, Sports and Eco mode which make your ride more comfortable.