Private employees will be kept at railway’s enquiry and ticket counters, tender has been issued for these stations.

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Indian Railway: We are seeing that privatization is happening everywhere in the country. Seeing which it seems that the time is not far when hardly anyone gets the tag of government job. In the midst of the news of this digital and everything being private, another news has come to the fore. This news is from Railways.

Many things are becoming private in the railways. In such a situation, it is now being heard that now the ticket enquiry counter will also be private. Yes, now the tender for enquiry at the ticket counter will now be given to the agents and this work has already been done by the Railways. There are reports that the tender for the ticket has also been issued.

Now the enquiry counter will be private

Railway enquiry counter private

The North Eastern Railway, which is Varanasi, has issued tender for ticket booking at 7 stations, which is called STBA, at a total of 17 stations. There is news that soon the process of its deployment will also be completed.

Recently, a few days back it was reported that the luggage and enquiry counters have been made private at 9 railway stations of Lucknow division. Here private employees have also been hired through tender.

Started from small station

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Let us tell you that whatever work will be given to the employee through this tender, it will be only for 3 years. When this working period is over, the Railway Department will renew it. Right now its first phase is going on. At present, many employees are posted at railway stations. In such a situation, this work is being done only at small stations. Gradually it will be taken forward. Only a few stations have been included in this.

Steps taken to control expenses

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In order to reduce the cost, the railway administration is giving space to outsource the operation of many stations and to do all the other works like cleaning etc. except a few posts.

There is news that the railway administration is adding outsource because it will have less impact on the railway budget. This will control their expenses. However, this move has also been opposed by the railway union.

Railway software will book tickets

railway ticket online app

It is being said that after the tender is given to the railway counter, private employees will start working there. Tickets will also be given to all the passengers traveling in the train with the help of railway software. But that company too will be private.

It is clear that this thing will become completely private. Recently, many such news also came that the Railway Ticket Counter is also going to be closed. In such a situation, this news of privatization is a very interesting news for the people.

Let us tell you that the agents who will get this tender will get commission according to the number of tickets booked. This commission will be the earning of the agents. For now, this work will be done at the railway stations of Salempur, Kaptanganj, Padrona, Audiyar, Ekma, Bhatpar and Ramnathpur. Private employees will be appointed at these places only.

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