By 2025, prepaid smart meters will be installed across the country, electricity bill will change, this is how recharge will happen


Prepaid smart meters: Bills of electricity meters which are present in the whole country are generated every month, due to non-payment of which on time, the pressure on electricity distribution companies has increased. With this step of the government, the financial condition of the power companies will improve as well as bill payment will also be easy for the electricity consumers.

These smart meters will be completely different from the normal electricity meters, which will be mandatory to be recharged every month. You can think of this smart meter as a mobile recharge, in which you can avail the services i.e. electricity till the balance is maintained. So let’s know in detail about the smart meter, which will become the pride of every home by the year 2025.

What is prepaid smart meter

The problem of electricity theft is very high in India, due to which the Ministry of Power has to suffer a lot every year. In such a situation, the Central Government has accepted the proposal of installing prepaid smart meters on the advice of the Ministry of Power, which will reduce the cases of electricity theft as well as compensate for the loss.

In fact, it was suggested by the Ministry of Power that prepaid smart meters should be installed in every state, which will be mandatory to recharge every month. In such a situation, as long as the smart meter is recharged, the power department will continue to supply power. At the same time, when the recharge is over, the power supply will be turned off immediately.

The concept of this smart meter is completely based on mobile or TV recharge, in which the customer can avail all the services on recharge and the services are stopped by the company after the recharge is over. The Ministry of Power also wants to provide power facility in exchange for research through smart meters, so that the cases of power theft come down.

Prepaid smart meters will be installed here first

According to the notification of the Government of India, smart meters will be installed by 2023 in any unit where the urban consumer is more than 50%, and the AT&C loss is more than 15%. In other places, it will be imposed by 2025. AT&C stands for Aggregate Technical and Commercial Loss. Which are due to poor or inadequate infrastructure or due to theft of electricity or non-payment of bills. The State Regulatory Commissions in the respective areas will take a final decision regarding the restoration of electricity supply through existing meters in the areas where the communication network is weak or is not there.

out of agriculture connection scheme

Agriculture connections under the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme will be excluded, as the state government already provides electricity to farmers on subsidy. In such a situation, electricity meters related to agricultural work will not be replaced with smart meters and they have been kept out of this mega scheme.