Plant a Shami tree and worship it, get auspicious result

ganesh shami tree

Dharmik: It is said in the scriptures that one tree is equal to ten sons. Along with the beauty of the house, trees and plants are also considered as a symbol of happiness and peace of the house. There are some trees and plants which, by planting them in the house, get the blessings of the gods and goddesses. It is considered beneficial to plant Shami tree in the Northeast corner of the house because Shami tree is a symbol of brilliance and perseverance. It is naturally rich in the element of fire, so it is used to make various instruments of Shami wood to light the fire in the Yagya. In Ayurvedic point of view, it is considered to be a very effective medicine.

Shami tree is considered very auspicious in religious beliefs.


Shami tree is considered very auspicious in religious beliefs. After conquering Lanka, Shri Ram performed Shami Puja. There is a law in the scriptures to worship Goddess Durga with the leaves of Shami tree during Navratri. Shami is very dear to both Ganesh ji and Shani Dev. By worshiping the Shami tree, the blessings of both Shani Dev and Lord Ganesha can be obtained. Shami is also called Vahnivriksha or Patra. Lord Shiva himself resides in this plant, who is the father of Ganesha and Guru of Shanidev. By taking the remedy of Shami Patra, unrest from the family can be driven away.

Method of rooting of Shami tree


Bring the root of the Shami tree to the house according to the law. Plant it at home and worship it regularly. By doing this, Ganesh ji will come to the door of the house and Shani Dev will go beyond the house.

Chant the following mantra while offering Shami to Lord Ganesha

While offering Shami to Lord Ganesha, chant the following mantra – Tattvatpriyani Supushpani Komalani Shubhaani Vai. Shami Dalani Heramb Grihan Enumerator.

After chanting, offer modak and durva and perform aarti.

By tying the root of Shami plant in black thread


Tie the root of Shami plant in a black thread and wear it in the neck or arm. By doing this, all the disorders in life related to Shani Dev will be resolved soon.

Offering some Shami leaves to Ganesh ji while worshiping Ganesha, increases wealth and happiness in the house.

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