Petrol diesel worries end, water powered car reaches India.


Yes friends, nowadays everyone wants to walk in his own vehicle because everyone has to be very quick about the time. In such a situation, whether a person walks by car or bike, but to run all these vehicles, you will definitely need petrol or diesel. But nowadays, in this inflationary era, everyone is surprised about the increasing price of petrol and diesel. But we are going to tell you about a car from which you will not have to worry about petrol diesel at all. So let’s know about this car –

Yes friends, for the pilot project, the car produced at the Oil Research Institute in Faridabad is Green Hydrogen, that is, we can say that it will be the first Indian car to run on water. Which has just been brought to Delhi for trial launch and soon it will also be launched in the market.

In this way, cars, buses, trucks etc. can also be run from this green hydrogen. Green hydrogen will be made in cities by using sewage water and solid waste. And at the same time driving this type of car, in a way, both oxygen and hydrogen can be separated from the water.

And to support this car, companies like Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil etc. are also working together. Right now no information has been shared about when this car will come in the market and what will be its price.