Petrol and Diesel No Longer Needed | Hydrogen powered car launched by Nitin gadhkari

hydrogen logo on gas stations fuel dispenser. h2 combustion engine for emission free ecofriendly transport. 3d rendering

Hydrogen Fuel-powered car was currently started as a pilot project, this move of the government will soon overcome the shortage of expensive petrol-diesel, if seen in today’s time, work is going on on different types of technology Will do about hydrogen fuel car, then Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has done the work of bringing this hydrogen fuel car, now it is going to be launched in India very soon.

Nitin Gadkari showed the green signal

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari flagged off the pilot project Green Hydrogen-powered car is currently started as a pilot project, such vehicles will be sold in future, driving these cars will be much cheaper than petrol and CNG cars Green Driving a car with hydrogen will cost less than Re 1/km

Toyota Mirai

Toyota’s Mirai will be involved in this project, there will be a risk of pollution from the car running on hydrogen fuel, its speed will be 60/km