Once came to Delhi to study on Sulabh Scholarship, today he is the owner of a company worth crores


Startup Story: Sourav Kumar’s road to becoming an entrepreneur was not easy. Sourav did his B.Tech degree from Delhi College of Engineering and then he went to France. From there Sourav went to America for further studies. Along with this, he also worked in well-known companies like Yahoo and Oracle. After that left everything and came back, right here, to do something in his country.

Cube26 made back in India

After returning home, Saurav Kumar started a company named Cube26 in the year 2012. The entire focus of Sourav’s company was on customized Android apps. Big companies like Tiger Global and Flipkart had also invested in Cube26. This company has created customized applications for multiple devices and platforms so that all user experiences can be good. Then this company was bought by Paytm in the year 2017.

Then the introduction of the curry oiler motor

By the year 2018, strict steps were taken by the government to promote e-vehicle in India rapidly. Then Sourav thought it appropriate to make an e-vehicle. And in 2018 the Oiler Motor was launched. By that time, many well-known companies had ventured into passenger EVs. But commercial EVs haven’t got off to a solid start. Because of this, Sourav started working towards a small commercial vehicle powered by battery.

Made more than 300 vehicles and gave them to companies

Till now, Oiler Motor has made more than 300 vehicles and handed them over to companies like Ecom Express, Udaan, Flipkart, Big Basket, etc. Not only this, at present they have orders for more than 2500 vehicles. It is also expected that it will be formally launched in the market in the coming festive season.

The company is giving employment to 600 people

However, the product of Oiler Motor has not yet come in the open market at all. But his company has given employment to more than 600 people. Its valuation has gone up to $ 30 million i.e. Rs 2.21 billion. This company has received funding of more than $ 11.6 million so far.

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