On the auspicious occasion of new year, start this great business with just Rs 5,000, you will earn handsomely


Today we will tell you about a business which will definitely give you a lot of profit in low cost.

If you are also one of those people, who want to start this new year with their business, then surely you too must be looking for a low cost profitable business idea. In such a situation, you can start the business of making Kulhad, in which only 5 thousand rupees have to be spent in the name of investment.
Everything from kulhad tea to lassi is very famous in India, because the taste of beverages increases manifold in kulhad made of clay. For this, by using utensils with axe, the potter also gets employment, while it does not harm the environment.

Start Kulhad Making Business:

The idea of ​​starting a Kulhad business does not come to everyone’s mind, because many people find this work very difficult, but let us tell you that with the help of modern machines, making clay Kulhad has become very easy. Its market demand is increasing rapidly.
Beverages like tea, juice, lassi are served in cups made of paper or plastic at shops and stalls. All these are injurious to health as well as spread a lot of dirt. In such a situation, the government has banned cups made of plastic, due to which shopkeepers are using kulhads.
Kulhad is most commonly used in shops near railway stations and bus stands, because the number of people in these places is high and they all like to drink tea. In such a situation, you can start the work of making Kulhad sitting at home, for which you will not even need to rent a separate place.

Government will help to start business:

To increase the business of Kulhad, the Government of India is helping the common man, under which electric powered Chaak (Kulhad making machine) is obtained. According to this, between 2020 and 2021, 25,000 electric chalks were distributed across the country by the central government, in which it is very easy to prepare an earthen axe.
The Government of India also buys the Kulhad made on electric wheel. Because of this, the person doing this business does not have to wander from place to place to sell the axe. If you want, you can buy an electric chalk with the help of the government, in which many kulhads are prepared daily sitting at home.

Earn 30 to 50 thousand rupees in every month:

In the market, 100 small tea-drinking kulhads are sold for Rs.50 and 100 lassi-drinking kulhads are sold at a price of Rs.150. In this way, if you make Kulhad of different sizes daily, then you can sell it in the market at a good price. Not much material is spent in making Kulhad, and the electricity bill also comes down.
Apart from this, you can also tie your customers in the market, who have to supply Kulhad daily. A Kulhad is used only once, after which they are broken and converted into clay and then a new Kulhad is made using that clay. In this way, you can earn a good income of 30 to 50 thousand rupees every month by doing the business of Kulhad.

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