Old cooler will also start giving cold air like ice, just do this small work immediately


Summer Tips: These days the heat wave is at its peak in North India, due to which people use coolers in their homes to get relief. But many times the old cooler does not give cold air, due to which there is no relief from the heat and the person is forced to buy a new cooler.

But if you want, you can enjoy the sizzling and cool air again by making small changes to your old cooler, which will cool the room in a few minutes. For this, you will have to repair the old cooler, for which you can easily follow the tips.

Timely replacement of cooler pads

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During the summer season, the cooler runs continuously, due to which dust, dirt and dirt accumulate in the pad installed in it. In such a situation, if the cooler pad i.e. the grass is not changed on time, then the cooler starts giving hot air. That is why it is necessary to change the cooler pads at least 2 times in the summer season, which are available in the market at very low cost.

Cleaning the wings

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The fans in it are also responsible for the cold air coming from the cooler, which if not cleaned from time to time, the cooler starts giving hot air. Actually, dust gets accumulated on the fan of the cooler, due to which the fan is not able to cut the air.

In such a situation, the cooler starts giving less air, while the coolness in it is only for a nominal amount. Therefore, if you want to get cold air from the cooler, then keep cleaning the fans in it from time to time. By doing this the fan will spin at high speed and you will be able to enjoy the cool air.

Take care of the cleaning of the pump

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Along with the cooler, its pump gets old, which often goes unnoticed. Many times due to continuous work, dust, dirt and grime collect in the pump, due to which the pump is not able to work properly.

In this case, the pump will not be able to throw the water properly, due to which the cooler pads will not get cold and the cooler will not be able to give cold air. That is why it is important that the pump of the cooler should be checked from time to time and it should also be cleaned so that the cooler can give cool air.

In such a situation, if you take care of these small things, then your old cooler will also start giving cold and cold air. But if the cooler does not give cool air even after adopting all the tips and tricks, then in that case you may need to change the cooler.

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