Now convert the petrol-diesel car into electric, then your car will run 1 km for 60 paise, know – how much will it cost



The general public is worried about the rising petrol and diesel prices in the country, that is why people are moving towards electric and CNG vehicles, because these two cars are very cheap and good compared to petrol and diesel, know that these days there is a lot of buzz in the country about electric cars, everyone is thinking of buying an electric car by selling their old diesel car, You don’t have to sell your car.

Electric Car:

You can convert this car into an electric car at a very low cost, let’s know in detail. Let me tell you that there are many such companies in the country, can the fuel vehicle be converted into an electric car at a cost of 4 to 5 lakh rupees? The cost of this largely depends more on the capacity and battery capacity of the motor, according to the information, a 12-kilowatt lithium-ion battery and a 20 kW electric motor can cost up to Rs 4 lakh. Now you are thinking from where to convert the last car into an electric car, then let us tell you that most of the companies involved in the conversion are in Hyderabad, in which Etrio and Northwems are the major, these two companies convert any petrol or diesel car into an electric car.

Advantages of converting to an electric car:

By the way, there are many companies in the capital Delhi, which work to convert fuel vehicles into electric vehicles. You can convert wagonR, Alto, Desire, i10, Spark or any other petrol or diesel car into electric. Now you are wondering what will be the benefit of converting from diesel car to electric car, then let us tell you that with the electric version of Nexon, if we consider Rs 6,/unit as the cost of electricity.

So it will cost ₹181.2 to charge it fully, then it will run to about 300 less, thus its price will be close to 60 paise per kilometer, this way you will be able to save equal to the cost of getting an electric kit in two or three years.