No tension of expensive petrol, know about 3 best bikes giving mileage up to 90 km.


Yes, in this fast-paced life of today, every person is in a hurry for some work. And to complete this haste, he is resorting to some kind of transport vehicle and one of those means is bike or motorcycle. But seeing the rising inflation, everyone is also forced not to ride a bike. Because the price of petrol is touching the height of the sky. So in such a situation, know about those three bikes which give mileage of up to 90 km.

Bajaj CT 100 –

Bajaj CT 100 is a very complete and powerful bike which is quite attractive to look at. Its engine is capable of generating 7.77 bhp power and 8.34 Nm maximum torque. Its starting price is Rs 53696, if we talk about its mileage, then it goes up to 89.5 km in 1 liter of petrol. So seeing such rising petrol prices, you can also choose Bajaj CT 100 as a good option.

Bajaj Platina

As Bajaj has been famous for its affordable and durable bikes since its inception. The second bike to come in this sequence with good mileage and great looks is the Bajaj Platina. Its engine is 102 cc and it is capable of generating 7.9 PS of power along with 8.3 Nm of maximum torque. This bike will take you about 86 km in 1 liter of petrol. So that will help you in more expensive rates of petrol. You will get the bike of its top model for about Rs 63578.

TVS Star City Plus

Motor company TVs has also been known for its excellent mileage since its inception. It has a 107 cc engine. This bike will also allow you to travel 87 km in 1 liter, which can affect your pocket money for petrol to a great extent. You can get it for starting Rs 69505. TVS Star City Plus is one of the flagship bikes of TVS Motor.