Neelam Mohan: Decided the journey from Rs 3000 to Rs 130 crore, this business got success

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Startup Story: Neelam Mohan is one of those business personalities who set up a company with nominal capital and today is the owner of 130 crores. There was a time in this journey when his company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but she did not give up. With hard work, understanding and dedication, the company was rebuilt and history was created. Know, the journey of Neelam Mohan, who made a company with a net worth of Rs 3 thousand to 130 crores.

Worked as a freelancer

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According to The Weekend Leader’s report, Neelam Mohan did her BA from Banaras Hindu University, after which she was married to IIT-MBA professional Amit Mohan at the age of 21. In 1977, at the age of 22, he started working with a company named Kani Fashion. In 1978, the pregnancy of the first child had to take a long leave. Her started the work of designing men’s clothes as a freelancer while living in Delhi. Worked in association with UP Export Corporation. During that time salary was only 3 thousand rupees per month.

Company left due to personal reasons

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After that she had thought of opening her own company and started working with friend Harminder Saldhi. Started Opera House Pvt Ltd in 1983 with Harminder and friend Sushil Kumar. The turnover of the company in the first year itself is Rs 15 lakh. which grew over the next several years. Due to personal problems, she had to separate from her husband in the year 1991. She also had to leave due to differences with the company’s shareholders.

The net worth of the company is Rs 130 crore

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With 4 tailors she started her company in the year 1993 named it Mongolia Blossom. She bought a house which was converted into a factory. In 2002, there was a hiatus when the company reached the verge of bankruptcy. His son Siddharth, who returned from America after studying, helped her mother, currently the net worth of the company is 130 crores. Now his son Siddharth and daughter-in-law Pallavi are helping to handle this company together.

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