Narkanda: Beautiful Nagina of nature in the lap of Himachal

narkanda in himachal

Himachal is a gem of beauty anyway, there is a gift of nature everywhere. You will find the beauty of nature everywhere, but if you want to feel the thrill with the beauty, then you have to come to Narkanda. Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh is the oldest skiing destination in India. Narkanda Hill Station should be called a gift of nature. The rainbow color of the beauty here fascinates anyone.

Located in the small town of Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh, this hill station is completely filled with the colors of nature. Nestled at an altitude of about 2,700 meters above sea level, Narkanda Hill Station is surrounded by greenery. These fields of velvety green grass give a very pleasant feeling. While roaming here, it seems that we have come to another world.

Himachal is not far from Delhi. Those who go to Shimla, they go to Narkanda for sure. Narkanda is such that without it the journey of Himachal remains incomplete. I too had set out on the journey to Narkanda. Reached Kalka from Delhi and from there by train to Shimla. It took around 6 hours to reach Narkanda from Kalka. But believe me, the path is so beautiful that you will find these 6 hours very relaxing. It was not known when the journey was completed between the swaying trees and the winding paths. On the way, the view of beautiful mountains, forest and flowing river was very beautiful.

Colorful fiery city


This small hill station, nestled in the colorful fauna of nature, is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The cool breeze of tall rye, kail and card trees adds to the serene atmosphere here. It was evening by the time we reached here, we went straight to our hotel. Couldn’t go anywhere at night, so kept walking around there. When I opened my eyes in the morning, seeing the view outside, my senses were blown away.

The rays of the sun were slowly falling on the mountains, the view was really beautiful. Behind one mountain there is another mountain and behind it some other mountain. The most beautiful of all these were the houses which were built between the mountains. I was looking at this city on foot and feeling its beauty.

I was walking and looking at the beautiful mountains of velvet grass. The sheet of snow on the mountain was making this sight even more beautiful. Narkanda gets filled with even more adventure amidst the snowfall. The aspect of every season here is very different and special, whether it is summer or winter. If you want to enjoy snowfall, then Narkanda Hill Station is the best place for you. From October to February, this hill station remains full of snow. A large area of ​​Narkanda Hill Station is full of forests. In which trees like Conifer, Oak, Maple, Papulus, Aesculus and Corylus are found.

Hatu Peak

The most famous place of Narkanda is Hatu Peak, which can be called the gem of beauty of Narkanda Hill Station. It is situated at the highest altitude of Narkanda, its height is about 12,000 feet above sea level. There is a temple of Hatu Mata on this peak, this temple was built by Ravana’s wife Mandodari. Lanka was far away from here but Mandodari was a great devotee of Hatu Mata and she used to come here everyday to worship.

Hatu Peak is 6 kms from Narkanda. Is at a distance of. I booked a cab and left for Hatu Peak. A short distance from Narkanda, the road gets cut which leads to Hatu Peak. The air was cold in the morning, which was making me feel a little cold.

Due to the cold, there was fog all around. When we reached Hatu Peak from the middle of the mountains, it was very nice. The area of ​​Hatu Peak was surrounded by deodar trees, looking around, it seems that someone has spread all the colors in the air and those colors are now visible everywhere. It would be correct to call Hatu Peak the jewel of the earth here. Amidst this beauty, the apple trees are liked by the tourists even more. Hatu Peak has historical, mythological and cultural significance.

Bhima’s stove

bheem ka chula

When Hatu walked 500 meters ahead of the temple, three big rocks were found. It is said about them that this is the hearth of Bhima. When Pandavas got exile, they stayed at this place while walking and cooked food here. These rocks were his hearth and Bhima used to cook food on it. It is a matter of thinking that how many big utensils would have been kept on these stones. From this it can be guessed how powerful the Pandavas were! Seeing Bhima’s stove, I returned back to Narkanda.

Store of apples – Thanedhar

appple garden

The next day’s plan was to roam among the apples and chose the place, Kotgarh and Thanedhar. Kotgarh and Thanedhar 17 KM from Narkanda. are at a distance. Kotgarh is situated on the left side of the river Sutlej. It is a famous valley for its size, while Thanedhar is famous for apple orchards. Those people who like to see the Kotgarh valley, who like snow and mountains. One can enjoy the views of Kullu valley and snow-capped mountains from here.

The Thanedhar area smells of apples and the credit goes to Samuel Stokes. Stokes came to India in 1904, influenced by Indian culture. In summer he came to Shimla and after seeing the nature here, he decided to settle here. They started living in Kotgarh, they planted an apple orchard here which became very famous. Stokes form is still here, which can be seen.

The thrill of skiing

skying in narkanda

Narkanda Hill Station situated on the Tibetan Road of Himachal Pradesh remains a center of special attraction for tourists. Surrounded by Shivalik hills, this hill station is making some special places for tourists. The fun of skiing in Narkanda in winter is something else. Skiing in the snow and the view is different. Narkanda is considered special for skiing. When the entire Narkanda is covered with snow from October to March, then the adventure of skiing increases here. The dense forest and the aroma of apple orchards fills you up while skiing.

Narkanda Market

narkanda market

Here you can measure the market of Narkanda while walking amidst the view of nature. The market here is as much as a road. There are small shops in this market, clumsy. In which spices ranging from chole-puri to insecticidal medicines are found. If you want to taste the apples of Narkanda, you can ask the owner of the plantation. The people here are so cute, they won’t refuse an apple. Some Tibetan families also live here behind the Kali temple.

How to reach?

by train

All modes of transport are available to reach Narkanda. If you want to go by flight then the nearest airport is at Bhuntar. The distance from Bhuntar Airport to Narkanda Hill Station is 82 kms. Is. If you are planning to travel by train then the nearest railway station is Shimla. Shimla to Narkanda distance is 60 kms. Is. If you want to come by bus then that is also available. Come to Shimla first and a direct bus from Shimla to Narkanda will reach you in two hours.

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