This table AC is being sold indiscriminately, in minutes it will cool the room like Shimla, starting price is only ₹ 439


Mini Portable AC: The summer days have almost made their mark. There is a slight increase in the maximum temperature of all the states. In such a situation, we have to be ready for that scorching heat of May-June in advance. For the coming summer season, people already start fixing coolers and air conditioners. Some even replace their old products.

Now in this situation buying a new AC becomes very expensive. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about Portable AC, which is available on the shopping website Amazon. The special thing about this portable AC is that it comes in the shape of a box, which you can take anywhere and use it according to your convenience.


The price of this Portable AC (Mini Portable AC Price) is Rs 1299. This portable AC has a built-in LED mood light that supports 7 different colors. This AC can do 3 things simultaneously – to cool the air, humidify and purify. Just plug it in full of water and enjoy the cool breeze. In the context of this AC, the company says that its water tank lasts for 8 hours.

URGIN Portable Mini Cooler

This portable mini cooler is a USB powered dual blade air conditioner. Which can be used as per your requirement in any place like car, home, office or kitchen. This portable mini cooler also comes with an ice tray. The blower of the mini air conditioner can be easily moved up and down to control the direction of airflow. The price of this mini cooler (Portable Mini Cooler Price) is just Rs 439 on Amazon.

AAA STORE Mini Portable Air Cooler

This mini portable air cooler is a fan-like portable cooler. The water filter present in it makes you feel the cool air. Just plug it in full of water and you are ready to enjoy the cool breeze. The wind speed can be adjusted up to three levels in this mini portable air cooler. The capacity of its water tank is up to 8 hours.